Sunday, July 12, 2015

One Fun Thing: Chuck E. Cheese

Because I promised Anna June she could do one fun thing per weekend, even though I was busy trying to get prepared for our staycation, we decided to go to Chuck E. Cheese on the weekend of June 27. We had a ton of tokens left from her birthday party and a gift card from Granny, so we headed down Highway 280 to the place where "a kid can be a kid."

I realize I haven't posted about her birthday party yet. Sorry.

Anyway, we really think it's less of a kid being a kid and more of a kid being taught how to gamble. The Chuck E. Cheese devotees are the electronic slot machine junkies of the future.

We went around the place with AJ to play as many games as she liked. Having eaten elsewhere on the way, we were not distracted by hunger or birthday chaos - it was just our party of three going around trying to win as many tickets for AJ as possible.

On a game called "Robin Hood," players shot a crossbow arrow to hit various targets. If you went to the bonus round and hit the apple off the character's head with your arrow, you won 50 tickets. Ben and I could not hit this apple, but Anna June did. She was pretty excited with her victory.

In the end, AJ had nearly 400 tickets. She selected all types of junk, including a bracelet and a neon orange spider.

Our cup of tokens was completely full. I don't know if our bonus tokens from her birthday never got distributed or if parents at her party kept buying their kids tokens instead of asking us, or what. But we had a ton. We have yet to even tap into the gift card.

We also had a receipt with a "fill out a survey, get free tickets" deal, so AJ insisted that I take it. Now she has planned for us to go back in the near future before this coupon expires.

Maybe we'll go to the other location for the sake of variety.

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