Monday, July 20, 2015

One Fun Thing: Alabama Splash Adventure

On Saturday, July 11, Anna June's fun thing was a big one - we went to the water park! Alabama Splash Adventure, formerly Alabama Adventure, formerly Visionland, has been on our wish list since it opened around Memorial Day, but we just had not made it there.

Of course, we waited until it was so super hot that it was almost no fun. But the water did feel good.

I got the trip off to a bad start. That morning, I decided to run an errand for the school - a team of volunteers from Church of the Highlands had chosen Avondale School as a work site for their Serve Day, and they would be helping teachers move classrooms, repainting bathrooms, and other various tasks. I showed up with some trash bags and Clorox wipes, helped the teacher/coordinator unload some things from her car, and then left. I had promised my kid we were going to the water park! As a result, I didn't spend time packing properly. I forgot my flip-flops (which I don't like anyway) and extra shorts. We were sort of doomed from the beginning.

After we had breakfast, and walked around at Avondale Park's Park in the Park car show on the way. AJ enjoys this event and it is always cool to see such well-preserved antique cars. AJ liked the VW bus "Mystery Machine"

Then we were off to the water park. We stood in line to get our tickets - McDonald's was handing out coupons. We stood in line to get in the gate. We stood in line to get our food. We stood in line to get our locker. You get the picture. After we ate, we headed off to the attractions, including:
Kahuna Waves
Castaway Island
Warrior River (my favorite)
Neptune's Plunge
Mist-ical Maze
We tried to go to Splashdown. Ben went down, and when it was AJ's turn, she absolutely refused to go down the slide. I didn't blame her, so we went back down all those stairs!

Later, we attempted to go to the Wipeout, and obstacle course, but when we got near the front of the line, the ride became "temporarily closed."

Disgusted and hot, we decided to skip the rest of the rides and call it a day.

We saw some truly horrible tattoos, smelled some truly horrible body odor, and were truly horrified at ourselves when we could not locate our car in the parking lot. It is probably a good thing we did not take any pictures. We all looked rough and red from sunburn by the time it was over.

But we were glad we went. It gave us insight that we're not ready for Six Flags yet - Ben has grown to hate theme parks and AJ does not have the patience for the extreme heat.

Maybe next year.


Annie Gallitz said...

I'm so glad that you guys got to go !!! You've had BAD weather like, forever! if it wasn't a thunderstorm day, then it was 100 degree heat. so, well done to get there! Alot to do in one day,tho!!!!!Didn't that happen to you at Disneyland too, where you stood in a line forever and then it "temporarily Closed" right before you got there????? Was the slide that AJ didn't want to go down a really steep one ???? ( i can't imagine that she could be afraid of ANYTHING ride =like.) Too Bad No Pics !!!!!! I get it,tho: where were you sposed to put your phone so that it wouldn't get drenched ??????

Laura Gallitz said...

Well, the weather is what it is. It will rain for a while, storm for a while, and then be blazing hot and humid, but somehow with no rain. Then repeat. I guess it is worth it for all our beautiful flowering trees.

I am sure waiting in line forever only to have a ride close happened at least once at Disney World. It's sort of par for the course. At Alabama Adventure, especially on an outdoor obstacle course that is 100% visible with limited mechanical components, I did not anticipate it.

The slide AJ chickened out on is one I was about to chicken out on myself. The slide was steep, which wasn't the problem. It was enclosed, which wasn't the problem. It let out on a giant spiral, sort of like a toilet bowl, outdoors, and then that dropped you into an 8' deep pool of water. The sign indicated one had to be a "strong swimmer" to ride the ride. AJ is a strong swimmer - stronger than I am, for sure. I was going to be brave and do it, as it would be quicker and probably easier than walking back down all the stairs, but when it was her turn to go (in between us) she just couldn't do it.

We had our phones, etc. in a locker - it was just not feasible to carry things that may get wet. It's a really nice park, and we didn't ride every ride. We may go back on/soon after opening day next year (just AJ and me) with plenty of sunscreen.