Sunday, July 5, 2015

Independence Day

Anna June got a lot of free time on the morning of the 4th of July. I guess it was a way of celebrating freedom and independence.

We had planned to go to one of three parties. We usually go to my friend Tara's party in Southside, where Vulcan is practically in her front yard. There's a spectacular fireworks show called "Thunder on the Mountain" that is always a hit.

But then we thought we would be out of town, so we declined.

My dad's cousin Deb also had a party at her house, on a pond, in Sprague, AL. I had hoped to go and see some of my Grandma Annette's side of the family. Granddaddy encouraged me to go and take pictures, although he didn't feel like traveling. We were going to go.

We were invited to a third party in Montevallo. Kym and I have a mutual friend - because it is a small world! - who invited both of us and we thought it sounded like the best of our offers. There would be activities for kids (water guns and balloons, sidewalk chalk, etc.) and there would be live music and food. We had even talked about heading on to Deb's party afterward. It was a great plan.

So the Lewises and the Gallitzes were both heading to Montevallo when a huge storm came up. It didn't look like it was going to let up. So we went to Plan B. We met in Alabaster at the shopping center to hang out at Books-A-Million. There are lots of cool toys and gifts there, and, of course, books. The girls each got a book.

Then we went down to Moe's for dinner, eschewing the two chain BBQ places in the complex. It was freezing, so I grabbed some long sleeved Hello Kitty pajama tops for the girls out of the bags of hand-me-downs we were giving to Teygan.

After Moe's closed early for the holiday, we went to Yogurt Mountain (located inside Books-A-Million) and got huge sundaes- Thanks Aunt Kym!

The girls had a fantastic time playing with all the toys and found things to add to their Christmas list. It was a great visit, and we didn't get soaked.

The sound of actual thunder kept us from going to Thunder on the Mountain, but we all had a nice time at home watching the Brewers beat the Reds. Happy Birthday, America!


Annie Gallitz said...

Milwaukee had near perfect weather for the 4th/ ( I missed you all terribly ); Can you explain that last photo ??

Laura Gallitz said...

They were trying on masks. AJ is the pug and Teygan is the unicorn.