Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Having it All Together

I should probably just go ahead and admit, after seven years, that Anna June probably doesn't qualify as a morning person.

And that's OK, because her parents aren't, either.

Actually, I do have more energy in the morning, but it's the initial getting out of bed that's an issue for me. Especially after nights when Radar wakes us up. There must be a train or some kind of truck that goes by at 2:00 AM, because he has been getting up around that time every day.

We're pretty much zombies.

We've eaten breakfast in the car so many times it has become the norm. If it weren't for BelVita breakfast cookies, we would have starved by now.

I was hoping that by this age, I would have it all together. Some days I do, and I celebrate that. But most days I don't.

This morning, I saw a lady with silver hair driving a silver Lexus with an Alabama tag pull up to the three-way-stop in our neighborhood. She was eating a banana. "Ha!" I thought. Maybe there is no chance I will ever get my act together, if this older woman is still eating breakfast in the car, too.

A few blocks later, she tossed the banana peel out of her window.

I had to wonder if it was actually litter or if she was just setting someone up to slip on it. If there are cameras planted along the Clairmont Walking Trail, then we'll know.

Meanwhile, I do have it together enough to know that while banana peels are technically biodegradable and it's not likely a person would slip on a fresh one, tossing them out of a moving car is still litter and should be avoided.

Roll Tide.


Annie Gallitz said...

I HATE people who litter. Could not MAKE myself do it !!! BTW, What card games does AJ play??

Laura Gallitz said...

Yes, those who litter and vandalize are on my list of people who I cannot stand.

AJ mostly plays War and Go Fish.