Thursday, July 16, 2015

Golden Birthday: Part 3

Anna June enjoyed the third and final celebration of her birthday as well.

We went to Rusty's BBQ for a very well-attended party. We had sent invitations to everyone that showed the info for both parties. We didn't want those unable to come to the "kid" party to miss out, so we invited everyone to both parties.

This was great on paper but not in practice.

First of all, cousin Judy had wanted to come to both parties, but did not know there were two Chuck E. Cheese's, and she went to the wrong one.

Secondly, nearly everyone we invited came to at least one party. Someone trying to be frugal would have freaked out a little. Thankfully, Rusty cut us a deal and had his staff set up a buffet with limited menu options. This kept us from being there all night waiting for everyone's individual order.

But AJ had a lot of fun. Running around Rusty's with her friends was definitely a great time. She asked for and got a Gooey Cake for her birthday. Plain and simple. And golden, incidentally. I like it.


SRG said...

Photo by SeƱor Blurrycam

Laura Gallitz said...

I am sure you have better pictures. We need to locate and upload them.

Annie Gallitz said...

Senor Blurrycam shows up at your events every so often, Si ? THat's okay tho! I happen to like Mexicans !

Laura Gallitz said...

There are some better pictures taken by our friend that are on Facebook. I will try to post them on our photo site.