Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Golden Birthday: Part 2

The main event for Anna June's birthday was her party at Chuck E. Cheese. We tossed around ideas about what to do for her birthday and she quickly decided that the Chuck E. Cheese on 280 was where she wanted to have a party. Evidently, the Chuck in Vestavia is old news.

We arrived a little early for our party, but they were not yet open. We had to visit the Gluten-Free Bakery down the way in the same shopping center to take advantage of their restroom, as Chuck E.'s employees absolutely would not let us in, even though the birthday girl had to go!

Lots of kids AJ invited were able to come. There was lots of excited game playing and lots of eating. We brought a pan of brownies we'd made (from a mix) and individual cups of Blue Bell ice cream (before the recall). The parents had fun visiting and watching kids with Chuck himself. AJ got her turn in the ticket booth where she got to grab all the tickets she could in a certain period of time.

Everyone had fun, especially AJ. Because we were on a tight timeline, we did what I don't like doing at birthday parties - we took the gifts home to open them. After 2 hours, they kick you out, and we ran out of time. But AJ got a lot of great presents she loved.

The best present, though, is that her daddy showed up! He had been gone to Milwaukee for his grandmother's funeral and my mom had just picked him up from the airport. It was a great day.


Annie Gallitz said...

Laura,this so much fun for me to be catching up on all these events! love it!Thank you!

Annie Gallitz said...
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Annie Gallitz said...

I LIKE her golden outfit! ( I didn't know about the "golden B-day " thing; I would have ordered a different t shirt! )Both parties seemed absolutely WONDERFUL !!I hope that Rusty also picked up some new devotees!

Laura Gallitz said...

I think her white and gold outfit worked fine for the birthday. She loves her baseball-themed 7 shirt. I think there were some people who were new to Rusty's who showed up, so that's always good.