Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Golden Birthday: Part 1

Anna June turned 7 on March 7. Turning 7 on the 7th is called your Golden Birthday. This is not something I grew up celebrating, but I thought it was a great starting point for a theme. We all liked the idea so we were off and running.

On Friday March 6, we took a rainbow shaped fruit pizza to AJ's school. I had contacted the teacher beforehand to ask if it was OK, as I had seen it was the same day as Career Day. I wanted to come, read the kids a story, serve the pizza, and leave. Somehow, this worked into my eating lunch with AJ as well. The teacher said the time should be fine, and she would leave word for the substitute, as she'd be out that day.

This should have been my red flag. I should have said I would come the following Monday. But it was better for me to be there on Friday, schedule-wise, so I went ahead.

AJ and I made the fruit pizza the night before. It looked great. I rolled out, cut and baked the crust, and she helped me spread the sauce (vanilla Greek yogurt) and place the fruit. It was adorable. I found the idea here.

The execution of this feat was difficult - I had to take the pizza to work with me to put in the big fridge and then remember to bring it, the plates and napkins to school later in the day. But not that much later - they eat lunch at 10:40!

AJ gets to pick 2 days per week to bring her lunch, and she picked that day. The kids who bring their lunch go immediately to sit down at the table, while the kids taking advantage of the school lunch go and stand in line for theirs. Well, I was hungry but I didn't eat, because I didn't want AJ sitting by herself eating her lunch while I stood in line for school lunch. So we visited, and gradually, as the kids came and sat at the table, I talked to them all. I think I embarrassed AJ. I asked all of them about what they planned to be when they grew up. I heard great answers, like fireman, princess, and mommy.

Then, we had to go to Career Day. Note: this is exactly what I wanted to avoid. This added another hour to my visit, which I had not anticipated. We saw some good presenters, like Ms. Eve from the library, and some not-so-great presenters, like the policeman who said he was only there to talk to 4th and 5th graders. The sub left me with the children while she went back to do some paperwork. This was fine, but I had not planned to be there. Other volunteers were asking me about my class and I had to explain I was a parent who just ended up there.

Then, we went back to class. I served the pizza. I read the story, one AJ had picked out in the classroom, despite my research that had me checking out a bunch of these books to try out with AJ. She liked all of them but still wanted me to read Arthur's Birthday Surprise from her class.

Eventually, I got to go back to work via a drive-through on the way. But then I realized I left my phone at the school and had to go BACK. So frustrating. Too much excitement for one day.

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