Thursday, July 2, 2015

Digging in the Drafts - Umbrella

Evidently, some time years ago, I was going to tell a story about Anna June and her umbrella. 

"Anna June got a new umbrella not too long ago, featuring the Disney Princesses. This was courtesy of a Disney store gift card from her grandparents, and it went well spent: a raincoat and an umbrella."

She still has both of these things. But I have no idea what the story was. So never mind.

Speaking of umbrellas, though, and speaking of things I meant to do a long time ago, Anna June and I finally painted her "create your own umbrella" kit, which was a gift from Granny.

I know we've had it at least a year, since last summer I sent it to my mom's house for an activity for AJ to do, but between hanging out with my grandma and playing with the dogs, she just didn't have time.

I'm totally glad she spent time with them instead of painting, as Grandma and Maggie are both gone now.

Plus, she had another year for her hand-eye coordination to evolve.

I thought she could handle the painting project on her own, so I got her set up and left for an event. When I came back to find one panel painted with polka dots and the rest bare. She had abandoned the paint, brush, and water dish to go watch baseball with her dad.

So the next night, we left the umbrella on the table and, after dinner elsewhere, we came home and painted that thing, making use of many of the included stencils.

I think it looks great.

Of course, the directions insist that your paint jobs may not hold up to heavy rain, so it may not be particularly useful in, you know, a situation where an umbrella may typically be useful. 

So maybe she can use the princess umbrella when it is raining and this can be her parasol.


Annie Gallitz said...

well, it IS cute. I thought, when
I sent it, that it might have been a very marginal gift, as I found the dimensions to b that for a "mini" umbrella, such as a very small child might use............ did you, perhaps have more fun painting it than she did? AND, whats up w/the fact that it would wash away in a rain storm ? i sure didn
't not that on the box. Cruel, for a kids' toy !

Laura Gallitz said...

It's not the smallest thing ever, but the fine print did say no heavy rain. No, I didn't have a lot of fun painting, but I did have fun reclaiming my kitchen table.