Saturday, July 18, 2015

Digging in the Drafts: Game Ball

In the first part of the season, Anna June's team had not won a game yet. I think they were 0-4. There were  a couple of games that were rained out, and one rescheduled game rained out. The weather was not been cooperative. April is the cruelest month, indeed.

Speaking of the rain, our ball park is raining money to re-do the fields so that they drain better. Right now they can't play if it is raining or even if it has been raining. Water just puddles up and the field conditions are terrible.

So you can click on this link where is says "Southside Ball" and get to the video about how the park is raising money to fix this issue.

The regular season may be over...but we are still working hard to raise money to repair our fields. Please share this...
Posted by Southside Ball on Monday, June 15, 2015

And another thing about baseball - the coaches didn't like that there was another red team in their 5-team league, so they ordered new jerseys for the Pirates, this time in black and gold instead of red and gold. Suddenly, instead of being #1, AJ was suddenly wearing #5.

On a Thursday night, AJ's team was the visiting team, so they got to bat first. The first kid led off with a "homerun." That is, as you may expect in 7-8 year old league, he hit the ball and the fielding team was unable to successfully throw him out, so he kept running to each base until he made it home.

AJ didn't get to bat the first inning, but she did the second. Her coaches gave her pointers on how to hold her bat and step in to her swing. After she made the corrections accordingly, she got a hit!

I don't know how it works in this league, I really don't. There are a lot of weird rules. First of all, no team can score more than 7 runs per inning. Even if there are not three outs yet, once you get to seven runs, the other team gets a turn at bat. This surprised me the first time I witnessed it and had to ask the coach about it later. Although this rule has been invoked a few times since our defense was so bad, this time our team was the 7-run scorer! Actually, later in the game, the other team had the same problem.

Also, unlike the big leagues, you can sub kids in and out. So after AJ played the first inning (at her last Saturday game) in the outfield and another teammate came out in her place to right field, I sent her Nana home, thinking there was nothing further to see!

For some reason, even though another little boy went out to the outfield in AJ's place, she was still allowed to bat. I trust the coaches and team moms sending kids to the plate understand the rules. I still have no clue. One way or the other, though, AJ was allowed to bat a second time, and she got another hit! That's right, our kid got 2 hits in the same game! I was very proud.

Games go for 75 minutes, and it was exciting right to the end. They still lost, but AJ was awarded her team's game ball. She was so excited.

We still don't know if she'll continue to play past this season, but we are glad she's giving it a shot. I have to be honest - there were a couple of practices where she got in trouble with the coach for being unfocused or having a less than positive attitude. But she has turned the corner and is starting to have fun.

Go Pirates!


Annie Gallitz said...

I hope too that she will continue it. That was quite an honor getting the game ball! She will get better and better the more she plays. I am SOOOOOOO happy that I got to watch her play; you have no idea what that meant to me,

Laura Gallitz said...

We have the ball on a shelf in her room - what a nice keepsake of her first season.