Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Welcome, Thomas!

Anna June is very pleased to announce the arrival of her baby cousin, Thomas Blake Tucker. He was born on April 2. He was born weighing 7 pounds and 60 oz., standing 20" tall.

PS - Yes, I'm just now blogging now that he's 2 months old.

AJ and I visited him at the hospital the day he was born.

Then, we went back on Easter while they were still in the hospital. We brought his banana from the Easter Monkey and some food for the exhausted but happy parents. Uncle Ben came along this time to meet the little guy.

We're very proud and happy to have Thomas among us. He is busy growing - eating, sleeping and taking in the world around him.


Anonymous said...

THomas is a cutie!! Has AJ been taught to change a diaper yet?? Has Nathan been born yet ????? That picture does n0t look like Shenandoah! I said to my self, I said :" Who is holding Thomas here ?"

Laura Gallitz said...

Thomas is even cuter now that he's bigger. AJ got to hold him and there's a picture of that somewhere.

As far as I know, AJ has not been taught to change a diaper - I think Thomas may still be too small.

Nathan will be born some time in the next week, I hear.

That was a bad picture, but I assure you, that's Uncle Ben. Again, there are probably better pictures somewhere. Rusty had Patrick's good camera at the hospital.