Friday, June 19, 2015

The Rundown - Throwback Edition

Anna June is enjoying her summer, and we are too. I knew I had a bunch of blog posts in draft mode but I had no idea I had more than 20. I may share them and I may not.

Evidently, this is the kind of stuff I was wanting to write about in 2012. That's right - 3 years ago. AJ was 4. I actually do miss those times, just like everyone said I would. She has grown into such a big girl - it's hard to get over what it was like when she was so LITTLE!

Here's my 2012 draft in red, with 2015 comments in black.

Anna June had another fabulous weekend, and, well, we're a little run down. So here's the rundown on what all we did to get so tired:

- AJ and her dad had a breakfast date at Big Blue Bagel on Saturday morning. They've decided it should be called Little Blue Bagel, because their bagels really aren't that big. They had the place to themselves, and AJ had her usual, a blueberry bagel with blueberry cream cheese. That place is closed now. So closed. It has been at least 2 other restaurants since then. We miss it, but not enough to go to a different bagel place.
- They also fit in a trip to Home Depot to get a new dryer vent, because ours did not survive Ben's repairing our dryer. However, the amazing part is that Ben diagnosed the problem (thanks to an internet search), ordered the part, installed it correctly, and it all works fine now. Have you ever seen a whole dryer taken apart? It looks scarily simple. But our dryer is stacked on top of our washer, giving the challenge a whole new level. I'm bursting with pride at my husband's repair skills, but, no, I won't hire him out. We bought our washer and dryer in 2008, right before AJ was born. It's almost time for a new one. Ben took apart the lint area and cleaned it out recently. It was truly disgusting and I am so grateful for his help - now the lint trap will sit correctly in the machine.
- AJ watched Song of the South, which was the first movie I ever saw in the theater. Needless to say, I am not surprised this film is no longer available. There are lots of issues that I won't discuss now, but there are some endearing qualities, such as family transcending race and class, and, most of all, the power of story itself as transformative. I took a break from watching it with her to work on laundry, and I heard the dramatic music coming and I knew the scene I didn't really want to watch was on. I rushed in and asked AJ if she was ok - she's easily scared. I asked her if Johnny got hurt by the bull and she said no. I don't know how she missed that major plot point. But she was pretty excited by the fact that his dad came home. AJ now misses nothing. She likes to dispute the minor details of what happened if she thinks I am exaggerating or off-topic.
- We went to Southside for the St. Patrick's Day Parade. We went early for lunch at Chick-fil-A (a different location than the Gallitz formal dining room) and ended up seeing AJ's Uncle Drew, who hung out with us to eat. Then, we went up the hill to meet AJ's friend Mallory and her 3-month-old baby brother, Silas. We all went to the parade. The girls had a good time, and ended up with a lot of loot. It was unseasonably warm, though. I think the highlight of it was getting some vanilla milk at Starbucks. Incidentally, that was the strongest thing any of us drank that whole day. We totally skipped the parade this year. We had more important things to focus on, like baseball.
- Nap time didn't happen. Can I just say that my life is so much happier now that my kid doesn't take naps? The fighting was worse than the napping vs. not napping. AJ did take a nap when she was coming down with a cold about a week or two ago, but other that that, we nap way more than she does. We like giving her free time and the rest. She's not ready to stay home alone, but she can be unsupervised with us (sleeping) in the house sometimes.
- AJ asked if we could have a picnic in our yard, and, since the weather was so nice, we decided to give it a try. She had a complete meltdown over the placement of the picnic blanket, but she recovered. We ended by playing ball with Radar in the yard. Dear Lord, thank you for the letup of the incessant meltdowns over almost nothing. Even if she lost her curls, this was a good tradeoff to growing up.
- Sunday morning had AJ up before we were out of bed, completely dressed to her shoes. I didn't have the heart to tell her that with temps in the 80s, she was going to fry in that velvet dress. I have made a temperature/appropriate dress chart that has saved us from these conversations, although we are not perfect.
- Church, and ad hoc choir rehearsal. AJ decided to color and play hide-and-seek while we practiced. Thank goodness, she can entertain herself.
- Lunch at Wendy's, where AJ ate every single bite of her cheeseburger and apple slices, and drank all of her milk. She is still not the best eater in the house. At least she can fix her own sandwich if she gets hungry now.
- Nap time, once again, didn't happen. See above on going with the flow.

This is how she looks in 2015 - like she actually needs a nap.


Annie Gallitz said...

Hey ! I remember some of this blog, so you must have posted at least a version of this WAY BACK WHEN !!! Are there really NO MORE MELT DOWNS ??????????? HALLELUJAH!!!( lit., praise JAH !!!) I KNOW,, she was too cute back then,, and STILL IS !!!!!!!!!! It is sooooo much fun going back occasionally and going thru all the blogs; AREN'T YOU GLAD THAT YOU PUT ALL THAT EFFORT INTO THIS NOW ????? YOU HAVE A PRICELESS CHRONICLE OF AJ's CHILDHOOD!!!!!well done, LAURA, WELL DONE !!!!!!!! 9 and, a big. huge THANK YOU !!!!!!

Laura Gallitz said...

Well, I shouldn't say that there are "no more meltdowns," because that would not be entirely accurate. For example, after her first swim lesson of the summer, she cried because it was so very hard and I was so mean for making her take swim lessons. But the crying didn't last all the way home and two days later she liked the lessons again. But we've outgrown the fall-on-the-floor meltdowns, I think.

Sometimes I am glad I have these posts and sometimes I am not. One day AJ will have some good memories, I hope.