Saturday, June 13, 2015

Summer Fresh

Anna June was very patient on Thursday night when we dragged her to Best Buy with us after dinner.

Our mission was clear: I wanted a new laptop. Ours is on the older side, and even Ben was experiencing problems so serious that he pulled out a different device to simply compose an email the other night.

With all the meetings I have been going to, and will be going to this year as PTA treasurer, I thought now would be a good time to get a new laptop. I can have important data with me at all times. I can generate reports on the fly. I can attend group video chats.

I can also blog.

It's sad that I have plenty of other devices around with which to write, but the idea of blogging from anywhere with an actual full size keyboard appealed to me. Let's not talk about how many other things I have.

So if you see me around town, I may have my new pal with me.

I'm writing this on the new Gallitz family Lappy 486, in homage to our favorite internet cartoon character, Strong Bad. His laptop had a battery charge that could last for five minutes, or as he put it, half of ten minutes.

Welcome, Lappy. I hope you increase my posting record, which has been abysmal in 2015 - worse even than the Brewers' record.


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Laura Gallitz said...

Last night I was having an issue with the laptop and was so sad that it may have to be returned. Fortunately, rebooting took care of the problem and a blog post was able to be written.