Tuesday, June 16, 2015

One Fun Thing: Play Date at the Beach

Before we left for the beach, I asked Anna June what she was most looking forward to on our trip. "Playing with Lindsay!" she said, without hesitation.

In case there was any chance I would conveniently forget to call Aunt Helen's house to set things up once I arrived in Florida, the look on her face made it disappear.

Although we had talked about going to the water park, we decided to do the simpler thing and just have Lindsay hang out with us on the beach for a while on Saturday morning, before it got too unbearably hot. As it turns out, Lindsay's mother wasn't feeling well and doesn't like the beach anyway, so Aunt Helen dropped her off with us. When she got there, she told us that Lindsay had been up for hours, completely dressed and ready to go before anyone else was up.

So it wasn't just AJ who was ridiculously excited about the play date.

The girls got in their swimsuits and we headed down to the beach. They played and played and played. They dug in the sand and chased the waves. Ben and I took turns keeping an eye on them, sometimes in the water, sometimes from the shore.

They wore us out.

Eventually, we got hungry and hot so we headed back, changed and rinsed off, and went to eat at Thomas Donuts. Lindsay is notoriously picky, so she basically ate French fries for lunch. The rest of us had slightly more reasonable fare, although AJ's hot dog eating habits are bizarre: she will eat the meat, and then the bun with ketchup. The whole point of the bun is lost on her.

Anyway, we then took Lindsay back home, and the girls were super sad to be ending their time together.

I snapped one last picture before we left:


Anonymous said...

So, ar e these two COUSINS ? or, just two peas in a pod? Anyway, I am SO glad they had this play date.It must have been fun to watch ( besides being exhausting )

Laura Gallitz said...

I've been studying the chart of cousins on Wikipedia, and the best I can come up with to describe the relationship is that I am Lindsay's second cousin, and I am her mother Lea Ann's first cousin once removed. (Lea Ann and my mom are first cousins.) So AJ and Lindsay are a generation apart and probably don't really count as cousins but for simplicity's sake, they are cousins.