Sunday, June 14, 2015

One Fun Thing: McWane Science Center

Anna June has been going to the McWane Science Center since she was a wee lass. Before we went on Saturday, I had to tell her that she's actually too old for the new exhibit that everyone is raving about, "Itty Bitty Magic City."

That was OK. There were plenty of things to do there.

It was time to renew our membership, so we had to take care of that business first. Ben's employer has a discount program, and he won an even bigger discount in a drawing. Thanks, Protective!

Then, we went through all our favorite exhibits. A thing we had never done before was a kiosk of dinosaur trivia. In the category we chose, paleontology, we got 100% of the questions correct (8 out of 8). I didn't take Earth Science in college for nothing!

A big hit was the current exhibit, Toytopia. It was a history of toys (which made me feel as old as the dinosaurs on the second floor). There were plenty of toys to play with, including bins of Lego and Duplo blocks, toy trains, and vintage video game machines. If you have some quarters and some spare time, you can actually play games like Space Invaders and Ms. Pac Man. It was fun for me, even though AJ did not try them. Instead, she played with life-sized Tinker Toys, building a house.

Here she is in a Life-Sized Monopoly Car.

But the main new thing AJ tried on Saturday was the High Cycle. This thing is on the second floor, looking down on the first. There are lots of nets, but basically, you ride a bicycle backwards and then forwards. It's a short distance but you're 3 floors up! You have to be 48" tall to ride. AJ passed that a long time ago.

Here's how high up it was for some perspective:

I don't think she was nervous waiting in line, but she was perhaps exasperated with all the picture taking.

Here's a quick video that demonstrates AJ's time on the ride.

20150613 150923 from SRG on Vimeo.

She was not scared a bit.

Overall, not a long trip, but a good one.


Anonymous said...

I remember seeing this contraption at Mcwane! First of all, I could NEVER have stood so close to an open edge to get on that thing. And, say I COULD have gotten on, I would either have passed out once i was over the middle, and be left dangling out of the bike, upside down two stories high, held by one foot caught in the strap, which would have slipped loose sending me and that machine plummeting down into that flimsy net, which would have torn open upon my big body hitting it, sending me hurling toward my death by impact on the old hard stone floor, followed by my second death by having the machine land on top of me , breaking any thing not already broken in my body. Or. I would have simply frozen mid trip, and be left screaming, " I can,t!! I can't do it !!!" and need the full force of the Birmingham Fire Dept deployed to attempt my rescue, which would have been in vain, and I would still be there ---on exhibit-----to this day, OR>>> would have ended with me being dropped mid rescue and plummeting to my death, etc, ( see scenario # 1 , above ) .Good thing I wasn't there to see my grand baby tempt death like this , cause I would likely have become hysterical and jumped into the net attempting to 'spot' her underneath, and likely have ended up embarrassing her quite alot. Suffice it to say, I am impressed by AJ's daring coolness and willingness to take on scary death defying acts. Try to dissuade her from joining the circus, will you please . ( by the way, she looked very grown up and pretty in the photos!)

Laura Gallitz said...

I didn't get on either - none of the other adults were in line so I felt like I'd be taking time away from a kid who wanted to do it. It could have been scary, but AJ is very brave. She also fixed her own hair and the pigtails were her idea.