Friday, April 24, 2015

The End of an Era

Anna June outgrew her sandbox. I knew it was going to happen, but it happened so gradually, it was like we didn't notice, really.

But the lid got kind of knocked off, and it rained and rained. I am sure there were animals who thought it was a litter box and there were definitely things growing in it.

Recently, we decided to have some landscaping done. I asked our friend the landscaper if he knew anyone who wanted a sandbox. "No," he said. "People are always trying to give those things away.

So I cautiously posted this picture of it on our neighborhood social site asking if anyone wanted it. And a little while later, a mom who lives close by asked if she could have it. She had recently taken her 15-month-old little girl to the beach, and decided that she needed sand to dig in at home, as well.

So Ben and I bailed all the water and sand out, and hosed it down a little, and a couple of hours later the sweetest lady came to get it. It has been given a wonderful new home and we now have space for the workers to work on that side, rebuilding the little retaining wall and more.

We were sad to see it go, but glad to have the memories. Thanks again to Granny for this gift that kept on giving.

Here's one of my favorite old posts about it, from 2012.


Annie Gallitz said...

I am SO glad that someone will still get to play with it ! Did it still have the umbrella? If not , does the new Mom know that she can order one, pretty cheaply?? Our little girl truly is turning into a big girl, hey?? This makes me feel can't stop time

Laura Gallitz said...

Time goes by so fast - it's all a blur. People say the days are long but the years are short, and I agree.

Unfortunately, we did not still have the umbrella. We did tell the mom that she could order an umbrella, and told her what to look up, so she may do that.