Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The $22 Sandwich

Anna June says she no longer likes grilled cheese sandwiches. But her father and I still like them.

There's a couple of grilled cheese restaurants in town, but we usually don't go to those places, since they're kind of pricey.

Ben was reading the newspaper online the other day and saw this recipe for Gruyere Grilled Cheese with Mushrooms and Honey Chive Butter.

He wondered how it would taste.

So, in the spirit of trying new things and having Meatless Monday, I decided to find out.

First, I went grocery shopping. The ingredients did not seem outrageously priced individually. Ben had expressed concern that there were too many ingredients and it would take too long. He was not wrong. But he didn't say anything about cost, so I ran with it.

I already had butter, honey, thyme, salt, olive oil, and red wine vinegar. But I bought:
Sourdough Bread 3.99
Chives 1.99
Gruyere cheese 9.29
White mushrooms 3.69
Shallots 1.89
Tax in Birmingham is 10%, even on Groceries.
$22.94 for the total.

The recipe makes one sandwich, so I had to double it.

But I wouldn't have been able to buy a smaller quantity of anything, except maybe the mushrooms.

This makes the $10 sandwich from the grilled cheese place look like a bargain!

AJ would not touch it.

My review: it was messy, but it was absolutely delicious. I think it was worth the effort.
Ben's review: "It was a little too exotic for me."


SRG said...

Actually, I WAS concerned with the cost. I may have not communicated this well. I would have pulled the plug on this project when adding up the ingredients in my head. I will not suggest future recipes.

Laura Gallitz said...

No, no, please keep making suggestions! That's the only way I can know what may sound good to you. Otherwise we are doomed to tacos and spaghetti forever. And I really, really liked the sandwich.

Anonymous said...

THis actually sounds DELISH!!!! I do this ALL the time;;;; I get it into my head that I'll do this or that.....paying little attention to how it is all adding up.I have made some TOTALLY OUTRAGEOUS PURCHASES in my time. SOme I will be forever to embarrassed to ever admit to to ANYONE.. ah well .... at least yours was edible and enjoyable.

Laura Gallitz said...

It is so easy for a project to get out of hand! I am glad someone understands this.