Friday, March 27, 2015


Anna June perused and perused the Target website in the weeks before her birthday, and could not come up with any toys that she had any desire to own.

Except one - The Wubble.

It's a ball you blow up like a bubble with its own battery operated pump, (batteries not included). I am certain this was advertised on television, as AJ had absorbed information about it and just absolutely wanted it.

So my granddaddy got it for her for her birthday. Because great-grandparents will buy things that parents cannot understand.

After baseball practice on a particularly nice Sunday recently, she found her friends in the park and gave it a try.

They all loved it. They pushed it up the playground slide and rolled it back down. They tossed it to each other. They rolled it around. AJ tried to blow it up to make it bigger, but I had visions of it popping so I stopped her.

While grownups may fail to see the appeal, AJ discovered you can make the battery operated pump into a personal fan.

Bonus points and rave reviews from the 7-and-under crowd. Maybe they'll be in the next commercial.


Anonymous said...

WHAT is that thing made out of ??????? It looks so flimsy, but stood up to fairly rough play. I hope that it will last awhile.. GOOD JOB, Grandpa Jerome!!!!!!!!

Laura Gallitz said...

According to their website,, it is made of "super-thermo-stretch-tacular stuff". That's not really reassuring to me.