Monday, March 23, 2015

Southside Pirates - Opening Day

Anna June is a proud member of the Southside Baseball 7-8 year old Pirates!

The coach told us that he's coached Pirates for the past several years, and the families really get into the theme. The stands are filled with those dressed like pirates, carrying signs, or at the very least, in Pirate colors.

AJ made us a sign to carry.

We also found her pirate's hook and all had fun playing with it.

These Pirates, by the way, have red uniforms with gold letters. They wear the MLB Pittsburgh Pirates' cap. We didn't get the shirts and caps until we arrived (early) at the ballpark. I was pleased to find out that a local restaurant, Post Office Pies, is their sponsor. It's a pizzeria located in an old post office. We went there once - and looking around at the young crowd I determined I was the only one present who actually remembered when the place was a post office!

Both kids and parents have team t-shirts.

Anna June started the game in right center field (they have 10 players at a time on the field, so there's Right Center and Left Center). The coach pitches, but there is still a player in the pitching position.

The games are 75 minutes each. However, they have what is known as "The Mercy Rule." If one team is ahead by enough points (10? 15?), they call the game.

On Saturday, the Pirates lost to the Red Wings 17-2, invoking The Mercy Rule.

However, the game went as well as it could have for AJ's first attempt.

She got only one at-bat in the game, and she got a base hit! It was a very close and exciting play.

WP 20150321 13 31 49 Pro[1] from SRG on Vimeo.

On the next play, she was thrown out going to second base.

The coach subbed her out right after that, so she stayed in the dugout the rest of the game, giving others a chance to play. Actually the person who went in for her in right center was the other girl on the team. We are glad there are two of them. As the coach says, "Girl power!"

The weather was yucky - it was cool and rained lightly off and on. 

We look forward to playing the Red Wings (which someone may or may not have called the Chicken Wings) again soon.

Overall, we're glad to be on the Pirates. The coaches are great, and the parents are enthusiastic. There are even a couple of other first graders from Avondale on the team.

To get them excited and focused, the coach has them yell a chant, "1, 2, 3, Gooooooo Pirates! Arrr, Arrr, Arr!"

You can find the rest of the pictures in our March 2015 album here.


Anonymous said...

ARRR! She is THE CUTEST PIRATE I EVER SAW!!!!!She does look GREAT in her uniform!! EXCELLENT base hit!! I'm very proud of that! The "mercy rule'? Sounds more like a 'humiliation rule' to me. Did AJ actually draw that Pirate sign, by herself??? 'Cause that is REALLY well done !!Wish I could be there.

Laura Gallitz said...

She really did make the sign all by herself. She had a printed version of the logo to go by, but I think she did a great job!

The season runs through May 16. You're certainly welcome any time you want to come.

Anonymous said...

btw; were the chickenwings dressed EXACTLY the same as the pirates?????????


Laura Gallitz said...

The Redwings' uniforms are very close to the Pirates'! They have white letters, and their pants are white with red pinstripes. They all look pretty cool in their uniforms!