Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Physical Prowess

Recently, I picked Anna June up from school and she had this paper ready to show me:

Her after school care teacher, Ms. Ruby, was testing the kids on these measures.

I had an issue with the way she spelled jumping jacks, but AJ had a more serious bone to pick.

Ms. Ruby had written "a minute" but then later decided to test the children for only 30 seconds.

AJ took her own marker and corrected it to reflect the accurate data.

We might be raising a statistician.

Or we may be raising an athlete. I'm totally impressed by her physical prowess! I had no idea she could jump rope that well.


Anonymous said...

HOLY SHMACK! Little girl must have been ON something , in order to post numbers like this! I MEAN .......She was . like FLYING! ( FLY----ING!!!)SHE was like, up down, up /down UP/ DOWN , UPDOWNUPDOWNUPDOWNUPUPDOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My knees HURT just thinking about it ! For a laugh, I should post the numbers that a certain someone, NEARLY SIXTY YEARS OLDER THAN Little MISS GIDDY=AP, could do ( that is IFFEN i could touch my toes; and IFFEN I could get down on the floor , and layed down, only to sit up again ! ( now. really. if you're going to lay down on the floor, why not take a little nap while you're down there? It would give you a little time to contemplate the really HARD aspect of this physical challenge, namely, HOW AM I GOING TO gET UP FROM THIS dang floor now? And, whose idea was this any way? Oh , yeah, it's the fault of that little 7 year old smartee pants , who hasn't even BEGUN to approach her PRIME yet !!!!!!!!Can you imagine her scores in a few =years, once she hits her stride? I best not even think about THAT; I might stroke out !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Let me clarify myself , to myself: When I say that AJ must have been ON something, I mean SUGAR, people, SUGAR/ what did you THINK I meant??????????

Laura Gallitz said...

I am sure AJ was on plenty of sugar! It's a ridiculous proportion of her diet. She is fast. This morning she wanted to run into the school so she wouldn't be late (I had to go with her). I told her to run on ahead after jogging a couple of steps. I cannot keep up.