Monday, March 9, 2015


Anna June turned seven years old on Saturday.

I'm just going to take a minute and let that sink in.

There have been a lot of things happening with our family this past month. I have a page long list of things I want to post about, and now, I can include AJ's birthday as one of them. 

I fully intend to write thoughtful pieces about these things, but here's a brief synopsis of what's been happening - I wanted to go ahead and chronicle it just to get a post up and let anyone who may still check this blog know that I haven't given it up permanently.

My grandmother, Hazel Robbins, passed away on February 11th.
Fifteen days later, on February 26, Ben's grandmother, Maxine Gallitz, passed away.

Grief is strange - it hits you all of a sudden at the most unexpected times. For me, it has been innocuous things like a porcelain figurine or a guest list or a sweater that have started my tears and memories flowing. We have enjoyed looking at pictures and telling AJ memories of our grandmothers. We enjoyed spending the time with the extended family, even though it was under such terrible circumstances. Ben traveled to Milwaukee without us and it was a tough trip, but so very worthwhile to be there. 

On a positive note, there are people in my family who are expecting babies (I am not one of them) and they are all boys.

Anna June's first baseball practiced was canceled due to rain that was to turn to snow. They rescheduled for a Sunday afternoon. The second regularly scheduled baseball practice was also canceled for rain turning to ice/snow. She practiced again yesterday. She's on the Pirates 7/8 year old team. We still don't have a uniform or game schedule, but the coaches seem really organized and, most importantly, excited about getting the kids excited about baseball.

I visited AJ's school in honor of her birthday. 

Her actual birthday was Saturday, March 7, where she turned 7. That's called a golden birthday, so we celebrated accordingly. We had a party at Chuck E. Cheese in the morning and one at Rusty's BBQ in the evening. Both were well-attended and she had fun.

I had both an NIH grant deadline and a progress report deadline at the end of February/beginning of March - work has been a vacuum of time and stress. I took a day off to get a massage.

Ben started a new job in January.

AJ lost her 7th tooth. She had all As on her Progress Report, including several A+ grades.

I got a new phone.

I'm on another committee.

I am so behind on everything: blogging, housework, regular work, volunteer work.

But AJ is fine. She's a source of joy. She sings and dances. She plays video games and pretend. She loves her friends and her family. She can take care of Radar (mostly). She likes to read and build things. She is embarrassed by me and tells me so. She doesn't like being blogged about too much, but it's not her decision.

She did recently suggest I change the title of the blog to "Go with the Flow," instead of "Riding with the June Bug." I don't know if she was giving me life advice in general or not, but it's not bad if she was.

I'll be back when I have time. Until then, I'm going with the flow.


Anonymous said...

" Go with the flow", hmmm? Not bad for a 7 year old! Not bad at all!! Maybe SHE could start her own blog, under that title . It could be about ............lava. Or something . AWEsOME Brewers jersey!!!! And, I wasn't afraid......(much)....I KNEW you'ld be back to blogging when your life settled a bit !

Everyday Fashionista said...

I am so behind in reading your blog, Laura. I can't believe Anna June is seven. Time truly flies. It feels like yesterday we were all hanging out at the Briarwillow house. Miss you and thinking of you.


Laura Gallitz said...

Annie, I am sorry I have been away. Counting today, I've had only 13 posts this year! I do have so much to catch up on. Work has been crazy and home life is nonstop. I feel like "going with the flow" is sort of like being chased by lava.

The Brewers jersey was a gift from Grandpa.

I have talked to AJ about blogging but she doesn't want to do it. At least once she has started a post and then deleted it. That makes me sad!

Laura Gallitz said...

Michele, I'm behind on writing! I can't believe how much I am behind. AJ has blossomed into this beautiful, funny, smart and interesting child and I can't keep up with all of her awesomeness. I'm behind on your blog, too, of course.