Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Postponed Due to Illness

Anna June had a good week, but then a rough weekend. My Monday morning blog posts were starting to become a regular thing, but yesterday, it was not happening. Here are some updates.

First of all, the week itself went pretty well. School was good - AJ's behavior and grades are still reported as stellar.

On Thursday, our roofers came back to further investigate - we had yet another water spot. They discovered that the furnace vent pipe was not connected to the vent they had installed. In fact, the pipe is several inches too short. After some discussion, it has been decided that they will pay for our furnace company to install additional pipe. Hopefully, the water spots from the condensation will stop.

While they were here, Radar did not like that I was leaving to take AJ to school, so he decided to take the opportunity to try to run away. I decided to take him to school with us, so AJ would not be late. She took a picture of him in the car.

I had hoped he had outgrown such nonsense, but at least it didn't take us long to convince him to go "bye-bye" in the car.

On Friday, Ben picked up AJ from after school care and they went shopping for a new baseball glove at Romeo's Sports in our neighborhood. They also ended up buying a "safety ball," which is the same size as a baseball but a little bit softer. AJ practiced with her dad on Saturday morning and her granddaddy on Saturday afternoon. The scouting report is that she has a good arm, but throws off the wrong foot.

Friday evening, my grandmother called me from the rehab facility, needing me to sit with her since she was very sick and my mom had to be at the auction. My other aunts and uncles have returned to their respective homes elsewhere in Alabama and Florida, but they plan to return soon. She was in a lot of pain. After I left, she ended up going back to the ER and being admitted to the hospital. That's the 3rd time this year, I believe.

I probably shouldn't confess it, but on Saturday night, Ben and I had a long-awaited date night. We took AJ over to my dad extra early and we stayed out extra late. We went out to dinner at a restaurant with real silverware and no drive-through. We shopped for a while, and then we went to a movie! In a theater! With popcorn (and butter)! Ben and I had both read the book Gone Girl and we wanted to see the movie in the theater while we had the chance, even though it's available to rent. (Incidentally, the whole experience of enduring the crowd, paying so much - even at the budget theater - and having so much popcorn we couldn't eat it all was kind of a reminder why we usually stick to Netflix and Pop Secret.)

AJ was not feeling well when we picked her up. She woke up around 1:30 AM vomiting. We slept off and on, with several episodes through the night and morning. By Sunday night, she was holding down water and Sprite. She ran a fever, so I stayed home with her on Monday. She watched some TV and worked on a craft. She made herself some Kool-Aid. She almost wrote a blog post, but got bored with it. She was going to blog about her new baseball glove.

Fortunately, she felt well enough for school today.


Anonymous said...

Nonny told me about the soft ball team.I think she will love that. Especially with a new mitt. Good aim,throwing off the wrong foot= throwing like a girl ! Nothing wrong with that!I am glad if you avoided the stomach virus.(poor wee girl). I am so sorry about Hazel. What a HARD time you are all having!I 'm glad you fit in a date night; HOW dId YU like that movie?? THAT RASCALLY RADAR !! Made a run fir it, huh? AND, re : Your roof; I am fit to be tied from this distance! Aye yi yi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

Laura Gallitz said...

Actually, Anna June will be playing baseball. They do offer softball for girls her age if enough sign up. We gave her the choice, knowing that there are other girls who have been playing baseball there who are still choosing baseball, and she chose baseball! I think this will help, actually, because we know a lot of little boys who play there, so it is more likely she will have friends on her team. I need to do a whole post about that. And, yes, Dad did mention that it's a common problem with girls to throw off the wrong foot.

So far, none of the parents of kids who have had this particular stomach bug have seemed to come down with it. We will continue to hope that none do.

Gone Girl was a good movie. It was true to the spirit of the book. It was actually entertaining to hear others in the theater (who had obviously not read it) react to the plot twists.

Radar has been really, really good lately. He even willingly gets in to the kitchen when it is time for us to leave - no chasing, no dragging. Where was that obedience when I needed it about 7 or 8 years ago? It has pretty much changed since we got the laminate flooring that he can't run on. He was very upset by the commotion and wanted OUT! There were people on the roof! And in the attic! And in the kitchen where he was supposed to stay! He got to go to school and had to go through the carpool line, which was punishment enough for him (he doesn't like to be in the car if it is not moving). I'm glad to know his spirit is not completely broken, but it was nice that he didn't go far this time.

The roof situation is getting better. The heating company came by this morning and installed the missing length of pipe. That should correct the problem and we can paint over the latest yucky water spot.

Grandma is not doing well at all. Please continue to pray for her.