Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Box Tops for Education

Anna June has a great school. The teachers and principal at Avondale work constantly for the students. Sometimes, the school has to raise money for "extras" not provided by the district. Sometimes, the extras are not enough, and that's where the PTA steps in.

One ongoing fundraiser for our PTA is through Box Tops for Education. The idea is simple - when you buy a product that has a Box Top label on it, clip it out. We then send these to a teacher volunteer at our school, who sends them to the company. The school (or in our case, the PTA) gets ten cents for each box top.

We keep a baggie on our fridge to collect them.

I wouldn't suggest that you buy items just because they have a Box Top on them - they are all name-brand products and sometimes, we don't need to be that fancy. But if you happen to buy one and you happen to see it has a Box Top, please clip it for us! Our PTA has earned hundreds of dollars from these things. We've used the money on things like Teacher Appreciation Week.

I have been known to dive into trash cans if I see them. I shared this once and found I was not the only mama doing this. It is free money!

This year, the class that sends the most Box Tops in wins a popcorn party. Thanks to contributions of friends and family (and one special restaurant that happens to use a lot of products with Box Tops on them), AJ's class won last year. Possibly, they won the year before, also, but we don't remember.

In any case, thanks for the contributions, and please keep them coming. If it's not feasible to mail your Box Tops to us (i.e., the postage would cost more than they are worth), then please donate them to your local school. Don't let money end up in the trash!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing this up; I don't recall that I noted this before. I already have three since this post/ I am doing the baggie on the fridge just like you.

Laura Gallitz said...

Thanks so much! I think I have mentioned it on Facebook but just now got around to posting here.