Sunday, February 8, 2015

Blessed to Be a Blessing

Yesterday, Anna June and I baked a cake. We were scheduled to attend a Mother-Daughter Teddy Bear Tea Party at her friend Lily's house. We were to bring a "sweet treat" to share.

As usual, I started by asking AJ what she thought we should bring.

She wanted to dye marshmallows with food coloring. I did some research and found out how to do it. I had marshmallows. I had food coloring. We were set.

Closer to the time of the party, the hostess asked what I was planning to bring. I told her that we would bring marshmallows, but she asked if there was something else we may want to bring, since they already had marshmallows. Hot chocolate AND chocolate fondue were on the menu, and, well, they had regular old marshmallows for those things. We didn't need more.

So I did a little more research. I showed AJ an idea I had pinned a long time ago for a heart shaped cake.  It looked do-able to me, and cute to her, so we looked for (and found) more specific instructions. I liked this recipe. I made a list and got the needed supplies on my weekly grocery run. (Confession - I go to the grocery store more than once a week. The bag boy remarked on my new purse yesterday. I go all the dang time, OK?)

AJ and I baked the cake. We frosted it together, too, despite some disagreements about the placement of the sprinkles.

After dinner, I had a text from Lily's mom that they needed to postpone the party, due to her husband's illness.

But what to do with the cake?

I weighed my options: I could eat it all. I could take it to work. I could cut it up and serve it at coffee hour after church. I could take it to my mom's house. I could take it to my grandmother's house, where several of my relatives were staying. I could take it to the waiting room on the cardiac floor, or I could take it to the nurses, who were taking such good care of my grandma. So I called my mom for advice.

After a brief conversation, I decided I could take it to Mom's, where AJ, Mom, and I could have a small piece. Then, Mom could take it up to the hospital when she went, since I wasn't planning to go today. There were lots of people visiting Grandma - we had about a dozen at one time yesterday. After everyone got a piece, mom told the nurse she was going to give it to her for the nursing crew.

"You're an angel," the nurse said. Mom is probably used to being told that (or she should be), but that wasn't the whole story. The nurse went on to say that there was a new arrival to the floor, right next door to Grandma. It was actually his birthday, and he had been asking for cake. No one had been able to get him any yet, and this was an opportunity to make his day. So they cut him a piece, and carried it in and sang happy birthday!

I had no idea that an idea I had pinned a couple of years ago plus box of cake mix and a tub of cool whip would become so important today. I'm not saying that I'm glad that a friend may have the flu, but I am saying that the cake that I wasn't even planning to bake was for a higher purpose, and I am very, very glad.


Mom said...

He was so happy to get cake & a song. The family & nurses enjoyed the rest. Glad it worked out for everyone. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

That is a lovely cake, and must be quite big! Sounds as if you served an army ! ( a a lovely story to go along with it .........) A teddy bear party sunds like a cool idea; you;ll have to fill us in when it gets re-scheduled. How is Hazel?

Laura Gallitz said...

The cake was wide but not deep. It was one layer, with an 8"x8" square and a 8" round pan used. It was too big to fit in my cake carrier, but fortunately fit on the tray you gave me.

AJ is really looking forward to the teddy bear tea party, but we are not completely certain when it will be. I am sure there will be lots of pictures.

Grandma Hazel is still in the hospital. She has been moved to palliative care unit.

Sree58 said...

Love this story !

Laura Gallitz said...

Thanks! God is good. And bless all of you for not pointing out the two grammatical errors that I just now fixed.