Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year's Recap

Anna June can jump really high on her pogo stick. Really, really high. She wears her helmet and is safe on flat paved ground, but she is still jumping super high. So far, her record is 53 jumps without having to jump off. It's truly impressive! This is what she wanted me to write about.

After such a busy Christmas, we had a low-key New Year's celebration. On New Year's Eve, we went out to dinner at our local Chinese buffet. Then, we celebrated by watching an early countdown on Netflix and toasting each other in the crystal champagne flutes with sparkling red grape juice - very festive. AJ went to bed, and we followed soon after watching some TV. Exciting, right?

On New Year's Day, we took it easy. I walked the dog, and Ben fixed bacon for breakfast. Anna June was bored. She built a fort.

Here's an unedited tour of her fort:

She chose from the fun box and built an obstacle course inside the house.

She worked on her pogo jumping ability. She finished the third of three Lego creations that came in her kit she got for Christmas. We colored a giant picture. We went out to lunch at the local Mexican place and ran a couple of minor errands.


Anonymous said...

That was a rousing, wild and crazy new years eve compared to mine! Actually, i awoke to the sound of some firecrackers at MN, then rolled over and fell right back to slee.p I can NOT believe how well AJ can do the Pogo STCJK!!!!!!!!!( I think that is how yo spell if in Russia).it is actually very hard and rigorous to do a pogp stick. i am MAJORALLY impressed

Anonymous said...

I love that she still makes forts!!