Sunday, January 11, 2015

Digest Update

Anna June is really bored right now, but I'm still letting her play solo because I haven't blogged in over a week. A lot has been going on, and that's an understatement. Here are the headlines:

Ben started battling a cold and/or sinus infection around Wednesday or Thursday. I was fine until I got a sore throat late last night. Today, we have stayed in and laid around. AJ has been cleaning up some, but we've mostly been watching the Packers and resting. So far, AJ is fine, and thankful she's been able to stay in her nightgown.

(This is a card AJ gave me a different time I was sick. She has since learned how to spell better.)

Anna June got her report card, and received another 9-weeks of ALL A's! We are very proud to have a little girl who works so hard and is so successful. 

Also, there's a chess club starting (AJ thinks it is every-other Friday morning) during school, so she's learning to play chess there as well as each Wednesday in After School Care. She has been watching videos and practicing with Ben, too.
My grandmother has been in the hospital all week, having received a pacemaker on Monday. It's been a rough time for her - we are hoping she'll be released tomorrow. I appreciate everyone's prayers and thoughts, especially for my relatives who have been traveling back and forth.

This week, both Wesley and my dad had birthdays! Dad's celebration was Wednesday night with tacos at his house. Wesley is 2 now! We celebrated Saturday with a ball-themed party.

AJ built a cardboard magic sleigh that can go anywhere, which is called the Puppa-Woofer 3000.

Surprisingly, we had dinner at home several nights this week. The new thing I tried was 8 Can Taco Soup. To me, it tasted like Chick-fil-A's Chicken Tortilla Soup, which they offer seasonally. Dumping things into a pot and stirring them was almost as simple as going to Chick-fil-A, which of course we also did this week. 

Despite a long trip to the outlet mall and buying a few things online, AJ cannot find anything she wants to wear. I am over it. Hooray for uniforms!

This place is a disaster, as we've been in and out and inundated with new gifts from Christmas. Worse than just having a mess, though, we discovered a second leak (water spot, not a downpour) in our brand new roof. We are beyond disappointed.

Ben got me a fitness tracking watch for Christmas, but, sadly, it did not work. I did some research on the fitness tracking trend, and decided I wanted a Fitbit Flex. (That's the bracelet style that Rachel wrote about here) Ben found one on sale at Target (shhh - someone probably returned it) and I've since been letting it track my steps. I have friends with Fitbits, so maybe that will help me get to my goals of eventually starting to run but at least walking more, once I shake whatever this sore throat business is. Even just laying around the house, I've taken more than 3,000 steps!

I'm up to 27 wins on Words with Friends. It's good to know I'm at least working on one goal consistently.

We did get a date night to go to my friend Ruth's house - she bought a lovely new home a while back and we finally made it over for chili and brownies - my kind of night! AJ enjoyed spending time with her grandparents and staying up late.


Anonymous said...

Health: How is every one feeling now? I HOPE that colds are better and sore throats are resolved . and NO STREP!!! ( AJ has been doing so much better thus far this school year!!! She has beat the deadline for throat surgery , yes?????) AT any rate , you guys stay away from Hazel !!!She doesn't need this on top of every thing else she is battling. We think about her often !!!! School : All A's again !!!!! Wunderkind ! Wunderbar!!! Project: I WANT a Puppa Woofer 3000!!! THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I NEED IN MY LIFE!!!!(Is she still having more fun with the boxes than the toys ?) Oy, this kids brain.......!!!!!! B-days: Wesley CANNOT be two already !!!! ( time for another one !) SHELTER" A leaky roof again ? HOW frustrating!!!! HORRIBLE!!!!!! Goals : I'm not exactly sure what the thing is w/ fits bits. too high tech for me!but that is a lot of steps in a small house !

Laura Gallitz said...

Everyone is feeling much better. We have resumed normal activity. Strep was not really suspected, although we did keep an eye on our throats. AJ technically passed the deadline for having her tonsils removed, but I would not rule it out if she gets it again soon.

We visited Grandma Hazel yesterday and told her you send your love. She is ready to get home.

AJ still has more fun with boxes than toys - toys are still fun but she likes to pretend and invent. Or pretend to invent.

Wesley is definitely two! He's a very energetic, talkative, loving, imaginative, wonderful guy.

My fitbit is a pedometer/sleep tracker bracelet. It is great, although now I can see exactly how poorly I sleep. It's infuriating.