Monday, January 19, 2015

Another Digest Update

Anna June is watching TV while pacing, as my old pedometer has found a new owner. She will definitely beat my step count for the day.

But this gives me a chance to blog for a minute. I've been doing better about sticking to my goal of not writing at work, but unfortunately not meeting the goal of blogging more. Balance is so tricky.

Ben and I have mostly recovered from our colds, although he's still coughing. Anna June is fine, showing no symptoms of anything. Grandma Hazel went to rehab briefly before returning to the hospital. It is hoped she will go to a different rehab this week.

Anna June's teacher uses an app called Class Dojo. It's a way to give parents an at-a-glance update as to how their student was performing (behaviorally) at the time the teacher performed the check-in. They can get positive or negative feedback. AJ's feedback has been 100% positive. We figured it would be, since she usually gets stamps, stickers, or stars on her daily written report from her teacher, indicating she had a good day, but she is still on target now that they are tracking with this app.

On Thursday, I left work early to go meet AJ's friend H at our house. Her mom was out of town and her dad had to work, so I said that for just this one day, I could sacrifice a couple of vacation hours to keep her after school until late in the evening when her dad got off work. AJ was ecstatic that her friend was able to come with me to pick her up from after school care. They had so much fun. We started with a snack of homemade banana milkshakes (yes, I had to look up a recipe, because I am terrible with proportions) - this recipe was just enough for 2 little girls to split. Then, the girls played while I made dinner: spaghetti, garlic bread, fruit salad, and green beans. They had a dance party while I washed dishes. They ate Popsicles for dessert. We did clay masks in our pajamas. They asked for a "midnight snack" (at 8:00 PM) of apples and graham crackers. They were getting ready for bed when H's dad came back - they were very disappointed she had to leave. We'll have to have a proper sleepover another time.

I bought AJ a pair of dress shoes from Kohl's online, and she actually likes them! She's worn them now, so no returning. I lost count of how many pairs we returned, or tried on and did not buy. Hallelujah.

The roof got fixed. We will see if it stays that way. I am very disappointed. It just goes to show that when your friends and family offer advice, you should usually take it. (We didn't use the roofers we were told to use.)

After playing all week, I won only one more game of Words With Friends- up to 28. I did win a step challenge on my fitbit network, so all those meetings out of the building paid off. We ate at home 4 nights out of 7 this week, which is an improvement for us.

When my parents rescued their dog Maggie, she was starving. As a Tucker, she was fed very well for many years. She passed away Monday night, hopefully knowing how much she was loved and how much joy she brought to the family, especially the grandkids.
(Photo courtesy Drew Tucker's facebook page)



Anonymous said...

I am SO sorry to hear about Maggie. She wa s a lucky dog to go from starving to a family of culinary aces. She was SO patient with the kids, even with her considerable arthritic pain . Bless her life !! Bless our dogs every where who give us so much, and ask only some small love in return ! So sorry that Hazel had to return to the Hospital! Thank you for passing on our love to her . please continue to do so. And tell those MD's to GET IT RIGHT !!!! AJ and her friend and their almost PJ party was very cute. YOu definitely know how to entertain little girls!! Even if you both look like Zombies in that photo !

Laura Gallitz said...

We actually looked more like zombies the following day after staying up late!

Anonymous said...

ps> I hope that isn't a post mortum picture of Maggie ?

Laura Gallitz said...

No, I am pretty sure that picture was taken at the house, where she was still alive.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

postmortem;I know the correct spellimhg. butbthe checling sysrem did not allow ir, but did akkow 'posrmortUm' . Its beenbugging meand now I am typing in the dark.

Laura Gallitz said...

I admire your commitment to spelling.