Monday, December 22, 2014

What's Cool These Days

Yes, I am scheduling my posts, as my time with Anna June is limited. So this is not necessarily a holiday post even though we're in the thick of it right now.

I've been checking out what AJ thinks is cool these days, and, let me tell you, the simplicity will surprise you.

First, there's this.

We went to visit Ben's office on Black Friday, and surprisingly, this may have been the highlight of the day. He let her make a copy of her hand. Mind you, she could have done this at our very own house, but she never has been encouraged to - why would we ever think of that?

Next, there's her dolls. One day I woke up from my nap time to see this:

She has two dolls named Hawaiian Punch and Olivia. I do not know which one is which, but I did teach her how to spell Hawaiian after this.

Finally, she did an easy Christmas crossword puzzle, and proclaimed her love for them. So I downloaded this one, which claimed to be for third graders. She did it quickly and easily - in pen. There was a word bank, so don't get too excited, folks.

This is just a smattering of all the cool things that are going through her head.


Anonymous said...

no, that hand could not be hers; did you or Shenandoah happen to copy your hand, and get them mixed up ? ( This hand is wearing a ring .... and it looks to be ANCIENT !!) and, too large as well .... What was her doll name list about, i wonder??? I thought that she did an EXCELLENT job of sounding out 'Hawaiian '. Most adults I know can't spell that ! Here's hoping that you both avoid the flu, and don't get your holiday ruined!

Laura Gallitz said...

That is her hand. She was wearing the rhinestone bow ring you gave her. Light on copiers is very harsh - it makes every line show through. Plus maybe she needs to drink more water. I don't know how the hand showed up proportionately online, but it was definitely hers.

I have no clue why she wanted to write the same names over and over again. She actually talked to me this morning about needing to practice writing (penmanship, printing) so maybe she was just making her own homework exercise. Whatever it was, it bought me part of a nap, so I am fine with it.

So far, there is no flu. We had our vaccines, so that should help. Ben has had a stomach virus but it seems to be getting better.