Sunday, December 7, 2014

'Tis the Season!

Anna June and Ben had some bonding time yesterday while I went to two different ladies-only events in Birmingham.

First of all was the biennial AFWC State Headquarters Open House. Jackie Clark is the President of AFWC this 2-year term. Her President's Project is supporting the Ronald McDonald House. We had a representative from the house come to sell cookbooks as a fundraiser. We were very blessed to have women from all over the state come to Birmingham for this fun event. In addition, the tree was decorated in the Ronald McDonald theme. It's not a great photo, but if you look closely you can see Ronald's trademark striped socks and big shoes at the foot of the tree.

I also finally got to meet my online friend Mandy in real life. She's a fantastic young book blogger and is in library school. 

Then, I drove up the mountain to The Club. It occurred to me that when Aunt Connie and Uncle Tim got married, we also went straight from the AFWC Headquarters where the ceremony was held to The Club, where the reception was held.

This time, though, I wasn't heading to a wedding reception - just a holiday luncheon for the Birmingham-Tuscaloosa Chapter of Alpha Phi Alumnae. I was glad to see all my friends, young and old. It was a great turnout!

Here's a picture I snapped towards the end of a few of my friends. I wanted to get this gorgeous tree in the Vulcan Room. It was worth it for the view and the tree, that's for sure! (And the orange rolls, of course.)

These ladies all do so much for their communities. Merry Christmas to all my sorority and club woman friends! 


Anonymous said...

What did you eat at the club?9 (besides orange rolls, which I never heard of ) sounds to be a great night out !

Laura Gallitz said...

We had an iceberg lettuce wedge salad with bacon for starters, rolls and orange rolls with butter were passed around, and then our entrée was a stuffed pasta (ravioli?) with white sauce, asparagus and peas. Coffee was also served. The table was decorated with Hershey kisses and peppermints, which served as our dessert. It is a private club, so luckily one of our members is a member.