Saturday, December 20, 2014

New Goals for a New Year

This morning I asked Anna June what I should post about. She wasn't interested. She didn't want me to write about Pajama Day at school, or that her teacher sent a sub yesterday. She didn't want me to write about anything about her.

She told me to blog about myself. So I will.

I made myself 37 goals for while I'm 37. They are tall, personal orders.
1. Lose enough weight to fit into regular clothes.
2. Finish watching the series Parenthood.
3. Go to the gym at least once per week.
4. Stop dwelling on the loss of UAB football – it is not my personal fault.
5. Keep Family Game Night and Family Movie Night as regularly as church and weekly trips to Rusty’s.
6. Find replacements for my leadership positions with the Benevolent Fund, & Alpha Phi Alumnae
7. Develop a family budget, having a set amount to give to charity.
8. Get new passports so we can travel out of the country if we get around to it.
9. Purchase and learn to ride a bicycle – will need to get a bike rack, too.
10. Read at least one book per month.
11. Make plans and follow through with date night, even if we have to *gasp* hire a babysitter.
12. Give up soda for good.
13. Give meditation and prayer more of a chance.
14. Get allergies under control, with shots or drops, even if it means finding a new ENT.
15. Get a raise or a promotion.
16. Remember that the sooner it gets done, the sooner you can have fun.
17. Be diligent about weekly grocery shopping and daily dishes/laundry.
18. Blog more than last year – but blog less while physically at work.
19. Go to bed on time and get up on time.
20. Do not wait until the last minute to plan activities for AJ’s spring and summer breaks.
21. Less Facebook and more actual face time with real live people.
22. Get to 50 wins on Words with Friends.
23. Attend my 20th high school reunion.
24. Be the best PTA treasurer-elect/treasurer I can be, but identify a replacement.
25. Bring my lunch to work at least once per week. Make Meatless Mondays a reality.
26. Run a 5K in May – the Color Run – with AJ.
27. Keep my lunch breaks to an hour and be on time for work more often.
28. Visit both of my grandparents at least once per month.
29. Stop piling junk on the kitchen table and island. If it is not food, it doesn’t belong there.
30. Use the fitness watch I have and track steps/calories.
31. Use the Xbox or fitness videos we have more often.
32. Write and mail thank you notes promptly.
33. Stop leaving the house with wet hair. "Better to arrive late than to arrive ugly."
34. Take better care of my car.
35. Take better care of our house.
36. Take better care of our family.
37. Take better care of myself.


Anonymous said...

I,m not sure I could come up with a list like this; This does show self reflection, Awareness, self insight and a positive nature. I think my favorite of all of these goes to----------# 9!!!! (Surprise! ?? ) BECAUSE: I was listing all the 'connected' points, and this one had the most, hands down ! ( for instance, # 6 + # 24 are similar: And , while I kind of mourn your love for involvement that will take a hit, I can see how it would free you so much. I see you returning to it down the line......)LOVE #8----so mysterious and exciting) # 15---- YeS!!!!!!!!!You,ve EARNED it! But back to # 9 ;This will impacr=t #1, 5, 8 , 26, 30.\, 36 and 37. is a terrific FAMILY Activity, You have beautiful bike trails locally! CAmping destinations usually have great bike trails too. It can be soo much fun ! Family rides! Solo "me time rides, It would be an accomplishment worth a great deal !Physical fittness! Anna June would master riding too. Shenandoah must get a bike too How about a 5 K ride?? How about a Family 5K ride ??? Shenandoah, get on board!! Your family is calling out to you !!! well, you get the drift. ( you,ve got me revved up here , now !) Really, all the points are great. Good luck with them all !!!!!!!!!

Laura Gallitz said...

While Ben is supportive of my goals, I am not ready for a bike yet. There are some things we'll have to get rid of in the shed first. And I am not likely to do any sort of exercise outdoors when it is cold. We will have to see.