Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Last year, Anna June went to her friend Lily's house for a Candyland-themed Christmas party. Looking back, it appears that we were so miserably sick I never blogged about it.

Never fear - the same family threw a similar party this year and we were lucky enough to be invited back.

This Candy Land party maintained all the sweet, amazing candy-themed decorations from last year, but went a step further towards the true meaning of Christmas by having a birthday party for Jesus.

Kids were asked to embrace the elf theme - E.L.F. can also stand for Every Little Follower! Anna June selected a costume from Party City at THE LAST MINUTE. She picked this bodysuit, paired with her white tights and red cowboy boots. After copious discussion, we decided she would not wear anything on her head. Mind you, we went weeks before, and she didn't like anything, but when there was an hour or so until the party, we were in the dressing room trying this on. Fortunately, it fit.

The invitation set the mood by inviting us to C.A.N.D.Y.L.A.N.D. - "Come Along Never Doubt You're Loved And Needed Down Here!"

We were asked to bring an appetizer. AJ and I selected this project from Pinterest. I bought the groceries and did the prep work, while AJ handled the presentation.

Do not ask what possessed me to buy "mini" club crackers. Also, I didn't think I had a tray big enough so we used a disposable drip pan that I had from another project. This was a mistake, as it was flimsy and when AJ tried to get it out of the fridge, it buckled and ruined her hard work. We reassembled it at the party, only to leave the bag of extras at the house, sitting unrefrigerated too long to be useable. The Christmas rush gets me every time. Let's take another look at it before it was ruined:

The food was all great. How can you go wrong with spinach dip and hot apple cider? There were also stations for crafts. AJ had fun making a heart-shaped ornament, a circle from modeling clay, a Christmas card for Lily and a thank-you note to Jesus.

We were also asked for the kids to bring a $1 gift to exchange with a child of the same gender. This was much easier than the costume or the food. AJ picked out a gift she would like to receive - a ring embedded in slime.

Because we had to leave early - we had another party to attend - AJ just exchanged gifts with the other girl who was there, Lily.

More children were arriving right as we had to leave. But AJ had a great time with her best friend and celebrating Christmas.

Party photos credit goes to Sylvia Newell. I took the other 2 at our house, but then my phone battery died. Some kid who shall remain nameless played too many games on it that day.


Anonymous said...

Sweet little elves!! ( At first I was ,like, " What is that girl wearing?" ( or, more like, NOT wearing!) I thought for a moment that her clothes struggle had led to her leaving home w/ no pants on!) I am relieved to know that it was all in the spirit!! AND, besides being a Christmas Tree, I really liked her snack!!

Laura Gallitz said...

I was impressed that AJ wanted to make this, although she does not eat tomatoes or summer sausage. Maybe next time we'll use pepperoni and bigger crackers.