Saturday, November 1, 2014

Welcome to NO-vember

Anna June has a cursive writing app on her Kindle. While we want her to master traditional printing first, she has been having fun playing with it occasionally. She wrote me a note the other day.

If you can't read it, it says, "Are you OK." Despite the lack of correct punctuation, I was touched - in a lot of ways.

Honestly, I've been a little not OK. I realize I am the person who booked every single weekend in October, probably like I did in September. A few weeks ago, I had a realization.

I will have to say "NO" a lot in November.

I can't say no to everything - I have a lot of commitments that I cannot get out of. But besides those pre-planned events, I am going to try to say no to a lot of other things that are not helping my goal of family harmony. I want peace and order. I have never truly had it, but I'm so far from it now I wouldn't even know what it would look like.

I don't want to alarm you. I'm not going off the deep end, off the grid, or even off on vacation. I'm just going to try to tackle a few things at the house on the weekends. I am sure I will still be rushing here and there, but I want to do it on my own terms - whatever is best for our family. Here are some goals:

1. No weeknight commitments. I do have a PTA meeting, but AJ doesn't have to attend. Not having places to be in the evenings may help her (and us) sleep better, and have better mornings. Bedtime will be enforced.
2. Living up to the homework covenant. We made a deal with the school that AJ would read aloud to us every night for at least 15-20 minutes. We've been majorly slacking.
3. Minimal weekend commitments. I still like pizza/movie night, date night, church, and going to Rusty's. I still have to fit in going to the grocery store. But if something isn't going with our flow, I will say no.
4. Fewer weeknight dinners out. This is hard, as it requires planning and preparation. I'm working on it.
5. Daily blogging. The #bloglikecrazy challenge is on for November, and I know I can do it.

Really and truly, my big goal at home is to get organized enough so these things can happen. The office at our house is a junk room, and it could be a working office/guest room with some effort, but we have to be physically at the house to make this happen - not at a playdate, party, event, festival, trip, big family gathering, campground or theme park.

I told AJ about NOvember weeks ago, and I honestly think she is looking forward to it. She likes playing at home. She likes not having an agenda. She's six years old.

And six-year-olds shouldn't have to ask if their moms are OK.

December is going to be insane. Let's have this month to get ready, reset, and let go.

PS - The Disney series will resume tomorrow.


Gail K said...

NOvember - now that's a good one. I hope it works out the way you want. You really do have a busy life! BTW - where's Annie? I thought I'd see a post from her on the Disney photos at least!

Laura Gallitz said...

Thanks! So far, so good. I almost committed to work at the PTA bake sale but couldn't. Habits are hard to break.