Thursday, November 27, 2014

Another Turkey

Anna June is a whiz at crafts. A couple of Saturdays ago, she wanted to replicate a turkey craft she had seen a teacher making in after school care. She assessed what was needed, and came to me and asked if we had any construction paper. We didn't. So we went to Office Depot and bought a large pack containing all the colors. We looked at a smaller one, but AJ did not like that the "red" looked pink. We decided on the large pack, and AJ declared, "I think it is worth it."
At any rate, I was impressed by a lot about this craft.
1. She envisioned and executed the plan all by herself, with the exception of driving to the store.
2. She figured out what materials were needed (like a container of Clorox wipes to trace the circle).
3. She wrote something she was thankful for on each feather.
4. She drew several feet for the turkey before she settled on these.
5. No tears were shed when we could not find the googly eyes but she took my suggestion of what to use instead.
The craft turned out so great I will ignore that she glued it to the table and be content I got laundry done.
It is all about being thankful, right?

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Anonymous said...

This is very well done!especially for winging it ! What DID you use for the eyes? she is ????? Can't quite make out what she is grateful for. but its a nice job and a sweet craft too.

Laura Gallitz said...

We used foam stickers for the eyes. We had them from a previous craft.

On this turkey, she is thankful for: food, dog, Mom, ?, Dad, Nana and Granddaddy