Friday, November 14, 2014

The Rundown

Anna June is six, so right now, toilet humor is funny in our house.

Knowing that, and she was in kind of a grumpy mood, I decided to share my mishap with her this morning.

It is in the 20s here this morning, so I put on my good gloves to take Radar outside. Even though I took my right glove off, somehow, I still got poop on my left glove. I was disappointed, but I thought it would make AJ laugh.

"Know what just happened to me? I got poop on my glove."

Without missing a beat, AJ said, "Are you one of the three little kittens?"


Today doesn't have to go far to be better than yesterday. I walked in the cold with a friend to an event - that was not taking place; it's scheduled for today. Then, another friend and I managed to blow a fuse in our makeshift break room at work by running the microwave and toaster oven simultaneously. There was a last minute scramble to get a faculty member to a conference, leaving some tasks undone. The dance teacher for after school care did not show up. AJ had 4 tests at school on the computer, and did not do well on one, which she took very hard. I made dinner and burned some bacon, which Ben graciously cleaned up but AJ ungraciously complained about the smell, ran from the dinner table, and held her nose for a long period of time when she actually did come sit down. And on top of everything, TJ Maxx closed in our neighborhood. 

But the rest of the week has been really good.

Over the weekend, AJ and I mostly stayed home. We got into her "Fun Box." She drew a card that said to toilet paper a room. She chose the den. Here are some pictures.

It was a low-cost, fun way to spend part of an afternoon. Then we went to Sonic and spent some of her gift card (the gift that keeps on giving), taking a break from our Halloween candy eating.

On Monday, Ben took not one but two professional certification exams, passing both. He's now a CASP (CompTIA Advanced Security Professional), which he says, "This is a technical certification that is approved as a baseline certification for Department of Defense (DoD) Directive 8570.1M tracks as follows: Information Assurance Technical Level III, IS Manager Level II and IA Systems Architect and Engineer Levels I and II." Also, took the exam for CISSP, which dovetails with the curriculum he studied for his Master's degree. He says, "[This] grants me status as an Associate of (ISC)² working towards CISSP." In other words, he'll be an all-the-way a CISSP after he gets relevant work experience. This is a sought-after certification, and we are very proud.

Also on Monday night, since school was out the next day for Veteran's Day, we visited my parents and my favorite veteran, my Granddaddy Jerome. We had spaghetti  - they even made a meatless version for AJ and me since it was Meatless Monday! 

On Tuesday, Ben and AJ had lots of fun together. They went to the park where AJ practiced riding her bike.  Also, AJ finally got so sick of the mess in her room that she cleaned it up - all by herself.

Wednesday was even good - how can things be bad on taco night? AJ had Chess Club in after school care and had a good time learning on the computer.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

GalootsGaloo! Mumbest person around, but I didn't get the three little kittens comment, ad I would like to. I would have been in a very bad mood,to get poop on my gloves!!! WHAT NO TJ around?? I am sorry, but I will have to cancel plans to move in with you.( I am betting that got youGallitzr pulse cupIGaloot

Laura Gallitz said...

I didn't know I'd need to explain a poop joke, but I also didn't realize that not everyone has been majoring in Mother Goose for the past six years.

In the third stanza of the "Three Little Kittens" Poem, the kittens have soiled their mittens, and their mother is angry.

Laura Gallitz said...

We bought a recliner used from our friends Debbie and BJ at a neighborhood yard sale. I was there working a table for PTA.

Anonymous said...

Oh, god, not T.J.!!!!

Laura Gallitz said...

Don't worry. There are still plenty of places in our neighborhood to buy things we don't need at discount prices. We have Ross, Tuesday Morning, and 2 huge thrift stores.