Tuesday, November 18, 2014

That Time Already?

Anna June had fun taking over the blog for the past three days. It may become a regular thing, but tonight, we were doing some Pinterest searches related to a friend's upcoming holiday party and we lost track of time.
AJ liked deciding what to write about. I liked this, too, as it took the pressure off me - at least I knew she would approve.
She told me that, as an introvert, she does not especially like being blogged about. But she did not mind blogging about me, for example. She wanted to write about toilet papering the living room until her dad told her I had already posted about that. She deleted her draft and started over, this time writing a tutorial rather than something more personal.
But I am ignoring her wishes because I need to brag about her. As you know, she made all A's the first nine weeks of school. Recently, they had an awards day, honoring the kids who made honor roll. AJ was the only one in her class that made all A's! That was worth going for!
Anyway, the next nine weeks is already half over, and AJ got her progress report today. She got all A's again! I will never stop being proud of her for this.
Maybe she will be back discussing something less personal tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

She looks so much like a Tucker in that top photo! Is that the uniform. Dress I sent down? It was an odd size for a seven, I thought. Narrow and short. I. Guess it works with. Leggings . At any rate, I am also super proud. Of AJ for making such a brilliant start to first grade. It is. Hard to keep up with all that is. Going on in her life. (Chess? Really? And what kind of dance?)

Laura Gallitz said...

Yes! Thank you for the dress! I am sure AJ will still be able to wear it in the spring when she can wear short sleeves again.

They have formed a chess club in after school care, so every Wednesday she's learning chess. She is so excited!

Dance is the Alabama Ballet's program that she did in after school care in Pre-K, called City Dance. She claims that she hates it, but dances all over the place.