Thursday, November 20, 2014

No Progress

For years I have been complaining that Anna June does everything well except sleep. Unfortunately, this is still the case.

We have not had night terrors lately, but the nightmares are bad enough. Often, she will call out for me in the middle of the night and not even wake up, but then, I am awake.

The worst is actually getting to bed. She has FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) worse than I do, and we just go get in our bed and turn out the lights when we put her to bed. Then, pretty much, we fall asleep, as we're exhausted from the night off interrupted sleep before. This pretending to go to bed ourselves does not work, as she pops back up in our room over and over. Tonight we thought we could have a conversation while sequestered, but she came in to announce we were being too loud. Sometimes we think we could do something calm, like watch TV, but she keeps coming back up like a Jack-in-the-box, causing us to pause repeatedly. Not worth it.

We calm her, we do routines, we tell her she is loved and safe. If she stays in the bed she calls out for me repeatedly.

We have bribed. We have threatened. We have taken things away. We have tried closing doors. We can't get her to go to sleep.

She feels the frustration, too. Tonight she called me in there to ask me, "How do you go to sleep?" I told her the same thing I tell her every time: be still and quiet. It may not be working. I'm scared to look.


Anonymous said...

Is she too young for melatonin? Thiscax deeply ingrained ba did habit,probably. I wonder what would happen if you abandoned all resistance,if this would eventually correct itself? I don't know... I've got nothing. But I don't see any way any of you can carry-on like this.

Laura Gallitz said...

We've been hoping that repeated "Get back in your bed," will work. She wants us to sleep in her room or for her to sleep in ours. It may be my imagination, but I think it got worse after our vacation where we were all in one hotel room.

Yes, I think she is too young for melatonin. We can try some other things, but mostly she needs to know she is absolutely fine in her room and it is just time to go to bed. Last night she wanted to write in her diary. The other night she lost an elastic band from her dolls. She just needs an off switch and she doesn't have one.