Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Misery Loves Blogging

I asked Anna June if she is would like to blog tonight.
"No," she said. "I'm too happy to blog."
I still don't know what she was happy about, but if she's happy, I am happy.
In other news, I had (another) cyst surgically removed from my scalp on Tuesday. Because of the delicate skin, the dermatologist was able to put a couple of stitches in, but then had to use staples. Nothing like holding your head together with office products. It does hurt but I am fine, otherwise. AJ and Ben did not like the scarf configuration I chose. I tried again today and did better.
I hope your day is much better.

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Anonymous said...

So sorry about your latest. Problem. It has got to be tough working and having such pain. VERY funny comment about being held together with office supplies!!!!!!!
Pay no attention to the comments from the peanut gallery on your scarfs....they are not the ones trying to go to work in pain! Feel better, Laura!!

Laura Gallitz said...

Thanks. Advil seems to be controlling the pain - and it's not the worst pain ever. Tuesday it was bad. Today it is much better. And I bought a hat because when I used a silk scarf, it kept slipping off. This may work better.