Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lessons from No-vember

Anna June is having a great month so far. We are trying to force ourselves to slow down and savor the moment.
Unfortunately, this has not stopped the epidemic of whining around here. I read a parenting article that indicated it continues only because I allow it. Ouch.
It has been hard to turn down cool events and fun parties, but there are more coming soon. AJ has enjoyed staying home. It has brought us moments like this.
AJ has been drawing, painting, and coloring. I have been sorting and filing (but not nearly enough). Ben has been studying.
AJ has been having nightmares - last night it was about a tarantula, last week it was about divorce. She complains she's scared but nothing seems to soothe her. On Friday night I let her sleep in our floor
because I was too tired to fight it. The "being scared" increased since then - I am afraid I let her regress too far.
I myself am in a bad cycle of fatigue. I get so tired I crash at AJ's bedtime, only to wake up in the night unable to sleep. I try staying up later but just cannot make it.
Perhaps it will resolve itself soon.
In the daytime, left to her own devices, AJ is pretty joyful. She does puzzles, plays games, watches TV that I don't understand, like Power Rangers.
Overall, so far, so good. I hope the lessons of listening to our family rhythms go past this month.

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Anonymous said...

This is a really sweet. Pic ! I am really concerned about your sleep. Have you ever tried Melatonin? Even though I am so tired after work and caring for Grandma, I always take a few. Also, Nonny bought some Magnesium spray,which both relaxes you andvcsn help sleep. I really like this product. I think you would be able to wake from sleep easily if you. Needed to.. Or,warm milk...it really does work!

Laura Gallitz said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I really need to walk Radar every night after dinner, because if he gets walked late enough in the day, he usually doesn't have to go out in the night even if I get up. He was the culprit last night - once I'm up and walking around in 40 degree temps, I'm awake! I can fall asleep fine, but once I'm up, I have a hard time getting back to sleep. I am sure it is just stress.