Monday, November 17, 2014

How to make a house out of a card board box.

I kind of made a house out of card board.
1.get a big box
2.get the markers out
3.draw a fire place
how to make the furniture.
1.get two card board boxes but one has to be bigger than the other one.
2.put the bigger one facing the fire place then put the smaller one in front of the fire place.
And you have a chair
by Anna June

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Anonymous said...

Hey,Anna June!!! This was a good topic for a blog!!And, I really like your idea for a fireplace in the little house!Complete with a chair!!! I would never have thought of that! Now you have a private little place to relax and chill! I can just see you, curled up in front of your fireplace,snuggled up with your new owl pillow and bubby,reading a good book or just enjoying the fire! Of course, it has to be a pretend fire, or you and your little house would be toast! I am glad that you still fit in the card board house, and that you have such a good imagination! See,I think that you DO have a future with Habitats for Humanity! Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!