Sunday, November 23, 2014


Anna June came with me to shop for a hat on Thursday night, after my silk scarf slipped all day. We are pretty pleased with the results, although AJ disapproved of everything.
My coworkers had crazy reactions. You would think they had never seen a hat before. I gave anyone who laughed an earful.

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Anonymous said...

I thought that it was cute. Isn,t that a nice picture of you??? ( Yes!!!) I,m glad that you let them hear a thing or two !! You GO GIRL!!!! ( you are SO LUCKY that you can actually WEAR a hat , and look GOOD!! I look like Bob Dylan when I wear a hat,\. An OLD Bob Dylan. Not a pretty sight . sigh.)

Laura Gallitz said...

I actually really like wearing hats, but just don't because, well, nobody else does here. I can't just take it up, apparently. It was like I couldn't have shocked people more if I had come in naked.