Monday, November 10, 2014

Halloween 2014

Besides going to Disney World, Anna June also celebrated Halloween in October.

Anna June went trick-or-treating disguised as a ghost.

A couple of years ago, AJ wanted to be a ghost, but our homemade costume did not make the cut. We looked online for ghost costumes, and they were all terrible.

Nonetheless, when Ben took AJ costume shopping, they came home with a ghost costume. She was delighted. We were underwhelmed, but glad to see her happy.

We were glad things were set before our trip so that she would be ready for trick-or-treating on Halloween night without any last minute runs for costumes

At the block party earlier in the month, we had spoken to a few neighbors who indicated that AJ was their only reliable trick-or-treater. One couple asked AJ what her favorite candy was so they could make sure to have it. Driving up and down the street throughout the month, I saw more and more decorations, knowing the burden was sort of on us to ring those doorbells and get that candy.

We'd be trick-or-treating on our street, despite all of the other events and parties we got invited to after we'd already committed! AJ's friends CJ and Lily wanted to hang out with her on Halloween, and asked her to go to Boo at the Zoo, but I said no. So they decided to come with us instead.

Our plan - 1) school and work as usual, leaving at 5:00. 2) a quick can of soup plus a bag of salad at home for dinner and 3) trick-or-treating on our street around 6:00.

At 5:50, the call from the driveway came. AJ still had to get dressed. She abandoned her meal and ran to her room to change.

Then - guess what - she HATED her costume. She didn't want either of the TWO princess costumes granny sent, either. Can I just reiterate that we had a whole family outside our house waiting for us? She did not want to wear the ghost mask, hood, or chains. She did not want to wear shoes I selected for her and ended up in her cowboy boots, which are becoming her trademark. There were tears. Lily rang the doorbell, so I gave her some candy and asked her to wait some more. AJ eventually got dressed, reminded that she had PROMISED her father she'd be content with the costume, or else he would not have bought it.

Once we got out the door, things were not much better. AJ's costume was thin, and it got really cold and windy. I had already told my co-workers that I can predict the weather on Halloween - if AJ's costume is skimpy, it will be cold. If she has on thick long sleeves, it will be hot.

So now we had a ghost, Supergirl, and an Army soldier, plus two moms, hiking up the hill. We had fun seeing all our friends, and they were surprised to see AJ with her entourage.

Our neighbor Stella took this picture of the kids and me:

These are the only pictures I got on Halloween of my little ghost. This is at Aunt Connie and Uncle Tim's house, where we came in for a second to get out of the cold. I assure you it was dark out, so no one saw through the sheer costume like you can here.

 This is what the mask looked like, although she had it on the back of her head.

AJ trick-or-treating at our house at (almost) the end of our trek.


Anonymous said...

Well! I guess that nothing is easy with this kid!!!!!Her costume,BTW, was VERY scary!!!!!! I see Lily has cowboy boots too! Ah,well, alls well that ends well,hey?

Laura Gallitz said...

We got a lot of candy! The hill proved too much for our friends in the cold weather, so they left for flatter ground. I'm glad we stuck it out. I love our neighbors!