Saturday, November 15, 2014

Guest Post: Our trip to Krispy Kreme Nov 2

This is when we went to Krispy Kreme. And we enjoyed the donuts. But they were sold out of ghostbuster donuts. By Anna June


Anonymous said...

Hey,AJ!! I didn't know that you got a job at the donut shop!! You look very professional!! AND, what oh what is a ghost buster donut??? I decided, after I saw your ghost costume, that I was not very fond of anything with ghosts! WAY too scary!! I was like, how could my sweet little granddaughter wear such a horrid, scary ghost costume???? And now I find out that you are eating ghost food, too! DON'T do it, little one.....don't go to the dark side!!!! Hey, how many donuts in a BAKERS dozen???( BTW, good blog!!!!)

Laura Gallitz said...

AJ has never seen the movie Ghostbusters (and neither has Ben, actually) but it was celebrating its 30th anniversary and Krispy Kreme had some really cute donuts out to celebrate. Two days after Halloween, they were gone, which is probably good, as they may have been stale. We just couldn't get there in time.