Friday, November 7, 2014

Disney Trip: Magic Kingdom, Day 2

By our second day at Disney World, Anna June had sort of gotten into the groove of things. After breakfast on the Monday of our trip, we caught a bus from our hotel and took the 20 minute ride back to the Magic Kingdom.

She was itching to ride more rides, so we headed to the Seven Dwarves' Mine Train roller coaster. The line the day before had been at 85 minutes, with no Fast Passes available. We wanted to see if we could get there as soon as we arrived to get in line. I told AJ if it was under an hour, we would wait.

We got in the line, as there was no time predicted for the wait - there are usually signs posted but this one was blank. No sooner did we find the end of the line that we heard the announcement: the ride was closed. Bummer!

We ended up going to the Enchanted Tales with Belle, which is an interactive experience rather than a ride. The kids and some parents were asked to help with the show, so Anna June played Belle's father, Maurice. As such, she got to meet Belle, the one and only Disney character with whom we got a photo op.

Then, we went around the park, and did basically the same type of thing we had done the day before.

We had lunch at Pecos Bill's. It was super crowded.

We ended up in a good spot for the Festival of Fantasy parade, so we watched that. Ben got some great pictures of the characters driving by. AJ mostly was grumpy, as she was tired and hot.

Since we were hot, we got on the one ride we all ended up loving - Splash Mountain. There's quite a bit of anticipation, but there's a 50-foot drop into a pool of water near the end. And the theme is Song of the South, which was the first movie I remember seeing in the theater (in a re-release, of course. I am not quite that old.) AJ got so wet that the washable marker from her DIY Minnie Mouse shirt came off on her skin !

We also went on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - a cool roller coaster that was worth the wait.

I think that she changed in and out of her costume twice. Here we are earlier in the day while she's in her costume:

And then later in the day, she's back in regular roller coaster riding clothes.

Eventually, we got AJ changed back into her costume for our visit to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

That morning, we made an appointment for 6:00, and were told to get there a few minutes early. We did, and found that there was not any room in the waiting area. As "princesses" got called back to the salon area, we were able to sit down. I sent Ben for a snack for me (the Dole whips are famous desserts at Disney) and waited some more. It was more than forty minutes past our appointment time before Princess Anna June could be seen.

She got to choose from one of four hairstyles - she chose the "Pop Princess." The pink hair extensions she chose were a perfect match for her dress. The "fairy godmother in training" was very sweet, trying to engage the shy AJ in conversation about all things Disney. AJ wasn't very talkative. The godmother added makeup and nail polish, and when she turned AJ around for the big reveal, the smile was worth it.

Thank you Granny for a lovely experience!


Anonymous said...

No, THANK YOU!!!!!for making the time and room in your itinerary for this last minute blatant and rude intrusion. But, wasn't she beautiful!!I almost cried. Thank you, Laura.

Laura Gallitz said...

Well, we didn't make the dinner in Cinderella's castle, but it was still nice.

Anonymous said...

Too bad about the grumpy tirededness. That parade looked to be quite the extravaganza!! ( even a bit over the top!)So sorry you wound up toting that dress all day . Just what you wanted to do, hey?

Laura Gallitz said...

One reason I was not a fan of the costume idea is that I knew she wouldn't wear it all day, which meant I had to carry it in my backpack. I am glad I didn't take it along the other two days. My back got very sweaty.