Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Disney Trip: Magic Kingdom, Day 1

Anna June was a little awestruck once we finally got inside the Magic Kingdom on Sunday of our trip.

After the whole process of entering the park (bags must be searched, magic bands must be scanned), we walked in to bustling crowds everywhere. It was as I expected, as my friend had showed me online how it was an anticipated "red" crowd day.

We first walked in to the Main Street area and saw characters signing autographs. It is not like it was when I was a kid and Mickey and Minnie roamed around. Now you have to make an appointment.

We had discussed it before we went to Disney, and AJ did NOT want to waste time she could be riding rides standing in line to meet costumed Disney characters. Furthermore, she's going through a very shy phase. She didn't want to have to speak to people she didn't know. I didn't want every picture to be of me and a character with AJ hiding behind me, so I agreed to that.

The weather was beautiful and hot. The high temperature was around 85 degrees.

As we started walking through the park, she and I saw the famous castle at the same time, and screamed simultaneously, "Cinderella's castle!" 

Through the My Disney Experience app, we were able to see anticipated wait times from our smartphones.

We spent some of the first day getting the lay of the land. We ended up criss-crossing the park several times in order to go with the shortest wait lines.

We ate lunch at Casey's hot dogs, where we had to have help finding a table. Then, we were all about the rides.

Well, some weren't exactly rides. Some were "experiences." We had not banked on seeing any shows. AJ's a veteran of many fairs and carnivals and she wanted one thing out of this trip: roller coasters.

Unfortunately, the first day had many long lines at the roller coasters, so we did a lot of the "babyish" rides. In fact, after visiting the Winnie the Pooh ride, AJ said, "That was NOT worth it!"

With our stay came three Fast Passes per day. We booked these in advance, but were able to use the app to change them if swaps were available. This cut down on the wait time for a lot of different things.

We did go on Space Mountain, a roller coaster in the dark. AJ did not like this ride. Ben lost his Brewers' hat, as he secured his sunglasses but not his ball cap. Other roller coasters were outdoors, and AJ liked them better. We went on the Barnstormer, which was very short but fun, and that may have been our family favorite from Day 1.

We got back to the hotel in time for the Poolside Movie, which happened to be Dumbo. It was a little chilly out, but AJ enjoyed watching the (kind of short) film. We were going to go swimming, but she suddenly and emphatically complained about her legs aching.

The poor girl routinely has growing pains, but it is possible we just wore her out from all the walking.

She could not be consoled about her legs. Ben went to the hotel gift shop and bought some children's Tylenol, as I had ignored online advice to bring every possible medication - I was interested in traveling light, due to checked bag fees (thank you, Delta). Gift shop acetaminophen was more than $10. At least they had it. And after she took it and a bath, she went to sleep.

We followed shortly thereafter. 


Anonymous said...

What a moment!! To get your first glimpse of the castle!!!! How were the wait times in general? Do they have motorized handicap scooters available for rent? That is what Granny would have been riding!Love the pix of AJ in front of the castle!!!(( how can a granny get some of these photos?).

Laura Gallitz said...

I don't know if they rent the scooters there or not. They probably do - they will do anything for a buck. There were tons of handicapped visitors to the park. We got stuck on a couple of attractions, and we have reason to suspect it was because the disabled folks were being loaded or unloaded in the gondola ahead of us. You would be fine to walk it, though. Magic Kingdom is not that big, and it is flat.