Saturday, November 8, 2014

Disney Trip: Epcot

Anna June was pretty excited about our trip to Epcot, but not as excited as I was. We were traveling during the Epcot Food and Wine Festival. I don't necessarily consider myself a foodie, but I do love to eat. Here was a chance to experience food from around the world. I couldn't wait to get to the "giant golf ball."


I thought AJ needed some sunglasses - that was another thing we forgot. She and Ben picked out a pair of Minnie shades near the gate while I went through security with my oh-so-stylish fanny pack. As soon as the shades were paid for and the tags removed, AJ put them on for about half a second and declared them unacceptable. Then she had the meltdown to end all meltdowns.

"There's no crying in Disney," some good-natured female passerby assured us. This did not help.

I calmly tried to address AJ's reasons for crying, but really, there was no reason other than she was exhausted. I explained to her that we had a lot of money in these tickets and we could not just leave. It would be like lighting money on fire, her dad said. In a few minutes she calmed down and, we started back on our trek around Epcot to figure out where everything was.

I figured a calm distraction was in order first, so we went to see the 1986 Michael Jackson 3D film, Captain EO. My comment as we were leaving was "That was the most Michael Jackson thing that ever Michael Jacksoned."

There were some things we had reserved our Fast Passes for, so we knew we would do those. One was Spaceship Earth, which we all liked. We also did the Nemo ride, which was neat - cartoon characters were superimposed on an aquarium of real fish.

The other Fast Pass was for Mission: Space, a simulated training session for a mission to Mars. Since AJ is a thrill-seeker wanting the whole experience, we went on the "orange" team, which was a more intense version than the "green team." Ben actually reached for the airsick bag. We were both messed up for quite a while afterwards - possibly days. AJ loved it, of course.

We walked around the international area for a while in between our rides, and eyed the food we wanted to sample. We picked from so many different ones - I don't even want to think about how many calories were consumed or how much money was spent. It was my kind of fun.

Speaking of which, we were in line getting more food when we heard the unmistakable sounds of Wilson Phillips' "Impulsive." "Is that Wilson Phillips?" Ben asked. "Yes," I said. "Wouldn't it be cool if it were actually Wilson Phillips in person?" I asked. We rounded the corner and THERE THEY WERE on stage. We had no idea that they were part of the Eat to the Beat Concert Series. So we hurried to find a spot to stand. After the first song, AJ said, "Can we go now?" I said, "Do you see those three ladies on stage? We are not leaving until they leave the stage. I have been waiting more than 20 years for this."  I wore their tape out in middle school.
We decided to leave before the fireworks show, as we were getting tired and AJ wanted to go swimming in the heated hotel pool. Epcot is a lot of fun and very educational. Maybe our little "princess" will be more interested when she's older.


Anonymous said...

!!This sounds like the most interesting day so far. Too bad about the air sickness. (Bummer) I wonder how AJ escaped that? Too cool about Wilson/Phillips! How do they look? I'll have to hear more about what you guys ate. The photos of those buildings looked incredible! A very long sounding day! Thank you for doing a great job posting about the trip! I've really enjoyed every post and be EVERY PIC!!!!

Laura Gallitz said...

As we got there after the concert started and all the seats were taken, it was impossible to see the faces of Wilson Phillips. They sounded the same, though!