Thursday, November 13, 2014


Every now and then, AJ likes to draw. Please don't send art supplies - we already have a house full. And like I said, it's only every now and then. But lately, a theme of butterflies has emerged.

These are on Crayola Mess-Free Color Wonder metallic paper. She drew, cut and colored them herself.

This is one she did while waiting at the veterinarian's office, in marker.

This one, in crayon, is from church.

This painting is from Sunday School.

And this last one, I am pretty sure she did at after school care.

 She said she's only good at drawing butterflies and houses. That's better than her parents! 


Anonymous said...

These are lovely! I like the detailed patterns on the wings. And, she is not giving herself enough credit! She draws MANY things really nicely! Look at the flowers in there butter fly pictures! And, in the art work I just got, there was as picture of a rose, and you could just see her attempt to make it look furled and full! I was very impressed! Also in there was a REALLY nice bird in a branch. I thought itvws great! And, there are more things too.......she drew a picture of your fish tank that vreallyblooked like it! She didn't get an A in art for no reason!Welcome

Laura Gallitz said...

At first she didn't want me to post these - she doesn't like being blogged about, she said. But when I suggested she write posts herself, she decided I could go ahead and do it.