Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday

Anna June and I spent the entire day together today, as Ben had to work. This rarely happens, and she asked me when the next time will be when we have a day with just the two of us. Sweet, right? I think she was just trying to mentally prepare for the next one.
NO-vember is going well, but I have buckled down and tackled some projects that were long overdue. Today, we went returning.
That's right. We didn't stand in doorbuster lines, get deals or buy gifts. Instead we exchanged clothes that are perfectly fine and mostly the right size because AJ just didn't like them. We went to Walmart, Gymboree, and Marshall's. God help us.
The clothing-related tantrums have been out of control lately. It took her 3 hours to finish getting dressed yesterday because she hated all socks, tights, shoes, and sweaters. Crying was alleviated by distractions, which only prolonged the process.
So I decided that perfectly good new clothes she refuses to wear needed to be taken back before the end of the return period.
Sorry, Granny!
We sorted, found receipts, and set out on a very busy shopping day. AJ agreed she would look for clothes at these stores. She held up her end, eventually finding a sweater and pajamas at Walmart and panties, hair clips and more jammies at Gymboree. By the time we made it to Marshall's (after supper), she was essentially done and just could not find a thing.
AJ declared she hated shopping. I told her I did, too, but hated to waste money by letting beautiful new clothes sit in her closet with no hope of being worn. At least this way, we'd get something.
Maybe this epic adventure will remind her next time that maybe she should just be strong and make the clothes work for her, lest we spend the day running from town to town again.

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Anonymous said...

well! town to TOWN??????As in , West Allis to , say Greenfield ?? ( think my house to Southridge ) SO VERY SORRY !!!!!! I know it is a hassle, and I may very well be losing my touch. ( I KNOW I am losing my touch! ) AH well,it is a very hit and miss proposition! A few hits ( red cowboy boots ) and a few misses;( okay A LOT of misses). More feed back would help me do a bit better , too . In fact, i am currently working on a Winter Box that is sure to piss you all off! BUT..You know what ? I do have me some fun putting these together.AND , REMEMBER: I NEVER pay full price on anything!! ( Mostly )

Anonymous said...

SO. when you return things, you never really get much back !! Now. is she wearing angry birds because it is black, for black Friday ? I remember last year ( ?) she thought that was why they called it that !! OR , is that something she bought and is modeling? I do not get mad about returns, EVER! I am glad if folks end up w/ something that they like and or need !! I really do not like to send money, but i know those days are nearly here ! I also like to buy things that people would not splurge on themselves for . but. those are in the greatest danger of being returned ! ps ; i must ask you a question about the winter box and AJ, if i call you and start to talk in code, try to follow !

Laura Gallitz said...

We have very limited national chain shopping near our house. We were able to tackle Gymboree and Walmart on the Highway 280 Corridor (some of which is in Birmingham and some is in Hoover, technically) but even though they have a TJMaxx out there, they do not have a Marshall's, and TJMaxx will not take returns from Marshall's. (We tried.) The next closest one was either in Hoover or Trussville, so we went to Trussville. My electric car only gets 80 miles on a charge, but this is less when you drive the interstate, and even less when you run the heat. In order to make it home from Trussville, we turned off the heater and rode home in the cold. Made it with 10 miles to spare.

You are not losing your touch. AJ is just picky. Beyond picky. Possibly borderline sensory processing disorder. I have been talking about this for years, but the tantrums driving me to drink on Thanksgiving day were the final straw. I am about to seek professional help. I am not joking. She absolutely cannot will herself to do something as simple as put on clothing including shoes and jackets when it is cold outside. It is driving us bonkers. Shopping with her was tedious. She hated everything from either the way it looked or the way the fabric felt against her hand - without even trying it on. It doesn't matter if it is soft, silky, elastic waist, snaps, no buttons, buttons, she hates everything. I have informed her she has my permission and blessing to join a nudist colony when she is of age but in the mean time she must wear clothes.

I wish I could give you feedback, but I don't know from one day to the next what she will and will not like. I can tell you that I do not like things that have to be hand washed or hung to dry. I think she has too many things that have glitter or sparkles, although she likes this because she thinks that babies and small children (like Wesley) like shiny things. I don't especially like characters (Disney princesses) but generic icons of dogs, butterflies, etc. are OK with me.

Basically, everything you send is beautiful, and there are many children who have been the delighted recipients of AJ's hand-me-downs or rejects.

I am glad you have fun spoiling your only grandchild. I just wish she were more grateful and accepting of the time and effort you put in to dressing her from afar.

Laura Gallitz said...

We know you don't get much dollar value back when you return things, but I was hoping (probably foolishly) that AJ would find some appropriate clothing that she would actually wear if she went in to the store and selected it herself. I can't tell you the number of times I saw her with something in her hand, in her size and asked, "Would you wear that?" and she said, "No." It's like she missed the entire point!

Wearing the black Angry Birds pajamas on Black Friday was mere coincidence. She bought a pair of pajamas from Gymboree with dogs on them (they say "Diamonds are a dogs best friend") and one from Walmart with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on them.

You can call me on my cell or my work number - AJ is in school and I am at work. We tried to call yesterday but you were asleep.

Anonymous said...

I f you feel that therapy would help you cope better ,,,with out resorting to the drink, by all means ,,,find yourself a good therapist !! ( I;m sorry, I could not resist) I really thought that AJ was over MOST of this. It seems to be a stress response of a sort. And REALLY, NOW........ if you think that she needs a little help finding her way to a more peaceful existence, I'm behind her and You all the way!

Laura Gallitz said...

I would say that the clothing meltdowns have not really subsided. Every morning is a struggle. This morning she had to be reminded about thirty times to get dressed- in her uniform, about which she had no choice. She complained that her skirt was too large, even though it is the same skirt she has been wearing all school year and last school year! It goes on like every day. I just can't take it.