Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What it Was Like

Overall, Anna June had a good time camping. While we were still at the campsite, reviewing the experience so far, Ben asked us to complete the sentence, "Next time we go camping, we should ____________" AJ piped in with "not bring me." She later cheered up, but it was funny.

Here are some more of our pictures.
This is how our campsite looked on Saturday morning. We had not yet put up the canopy (and I'm not sure we got a picture of that, but we put it over the table). 

 We had our own fire pit/grill combo. That was very helpful!

 We had our own running water. It was extremely helpful!

 A view of Lake Martin on a cloudy day

Panoramic shot from the pier.

 Another panoramic shot from the other side of the pier.

 If you look closely, you can see me in my chair, probably with my eyes closed. 

 AJ fished from the pier.

This is how the silo looks from the ground. It's pretty tall! 

 At the top of the silo.

AJ and me swimming.


Anonymous said...

I am really enjoying all of the photos! The area looks beautiful!!!!!!I still can't believe that you guys were able to go swimming I October!!! That just boggles me.That little stinker!" NEXT time... Don't bring her"' ,INDEED!!!!! That was very.quick. and witty, I admit! I do hope that she doesn't really hate camping, tho AND, I would not have made it up the first flight of stairs at that silo! Looked pretty rick ety to me! Is it a missile silo? And, I thought that the tentwoud be. Bigger. Was it hard positioning all the mattresses in there? The sky looked so overcast the first day.But then beautiful the next day. You make me miss camping so much!

Laura Gallitz said...

I really don't know what the silo is for - I thought it was probably just built as a lookout tower.

The tent was big enough for three people, but it was definitely not for 8 people as advertised, unless they were very tiny! A queen and twin air mattress fit in there just fine.

It is cooler today, in the 60s. I sent AJ to school in a sweater.

Actually, if you can believe it, all these pictures are from the same day - Saturday. We had light rain off and on the whole time, but Saturday in the late afternoon it was really pretty and hot - just perfect for swimming.