Tuesday, October 14, 2014

More from Wind Creek

Anna June is in a lot of pictures, even though sometimes she doesn't want to be. Ben has a new phone that can do both panorama pictures and group self-portraits, so we tried it out on the camping trip. Here we are atop the silo at Wind Creek State Park

Here's a panoramic shot of what it looks like at the top of the silo. Ben and AJ pointed out that Granny would have hated the climb - lots of steps that you could see through, up very high. 

Finally, I wanted to share the map that we got upon check-in at the park. I found 2 typos in the legend. I wonder if I should tell them...


Anonymous said...

Boatlunch and ballfied! You do have a good eye. Where was your campsite? What was AJ,s final opinion of camping? I still am SO glad you guys vwent!!!!!!!

Laura Gallitz said...

I think overall, Anna June enjoyed camping and would do it again.