Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Just Some Stuff

Anna June is gradually growing up, each and every day. She still manages to crack me up occasionally.

Like the other day when she was dressing up and playing by herself. She told me she was going to the "Winter Seasonings Ball."

Ben and I truly cracked up, though, when she was dancing in the kitchen last night. That kid has the moves!

She also told me she wishes she were in a different class so she would have more homework. I wanted that on video, but trust me that she said it. I want to remind her of this when she is in high school.

She claims to not like chocolate, but as soon as we broke out the chocolate bars for sale at the PTA's table at our community yard sale, she was first in line to try one.

I asked her last night what she needed to be able to go to sleep. She said, "A kiss and a hug and a rub-a-dub-dub." She clarified that a "rub-a-dub-dub" means a bath, which she had already had. Then she popped back up out of bed claiming that I didn't get her ready for bed.

Her class went to Children's Theater last week, and the note home said they'd be leaving around 10:30 and returning around 12:30. The night before, AJ called me into her room at bedtime, panicked. Anna June just could not imagine when they would eat lunch - they normally eat at 11:00. She begged me to send a sack lunch. She was worried. Sure enough, they ate lunch at 9:50 AM. The teacher reports they will ask the lunchroom for sack lunches next time and eat in their classroom when they return.

School is pretty much all-encompassing right now. We wake up and go to sleep thinking about school. What details have I not given you? She's in the smallest first grade class, with 17 members. They got a student teacher this week, which is exciting to me, since I am completely in favor of lower adult:student ratios. PTA work is never ending - we're selling candy bars, collecting box tops, having a cookout, etc.

The pictures above are from one of my many trips to the school. Featured are the first graders' first projects: an "All About Me" Timeline. AJ chose the dates of her birth, her first visit to Wisconsin, when she started walking, when she first attended Avondale and the loss of her first tooth. I helped her narrow those things down, and Ben printed the photos, but she did everything herself: lettering, making the lines, and gluing the pictures. Hers is on the white poster board. I was so proud to see it on the wall. And I was proud to see her other assignment on the bulletin board.

This is just some stuff I've been meaning to put up here - I hope to have more soon.


Anonymous said...

Good job on the school project !Hà she chose A trip. To Wisconsin as a highlight! (It was certainly à HIGHLIGHT FOR ME!!!!!!!you sound very very busy again, 2ith ßczhzool projectßz .. I think you get busy headaches! ( càn Somebody tell mez zWHyI keep getting accent graves et ague??????and Russian esses? And random zzzs? B
She is a Really funny kid! Any more loose teeth?2

SRG said...

You're holding down the virtual keys on the keyboard too long and they will show alternate input characters such as you're getting. Try a lighter touch on each letter. We need to get you a laptop or something with a physical, normal-sized keyboard though.