Thursday, October 16, 2014

Health Hero, Sort Of

When I was making Anna June's back-to-school appointments, I had hoped to get her flu vaccine taken care of while we were at the pediatrician. Unfortunately, they weren't available yet - school starts back too early here!

I had it on my calendar to call and see about it, but like so many other things, it kept getting pushed back to "later."

Eventually, the school sent something that said that flu vaccines (FluMist) would be available for the children. Just provide your insurance info (or lack thereof) and they'd handle the rest. A for-profit company was handling it, called Health Hero. I wish the county, city, or state had the resources to do this themselves - kids everywhere should have access to this type of service.

Personally, I think it is a great idea - large groups of kids together spread flu quickly, so since they're already there and it is in the best interest of all involved, it's an appropriate use of school time. Plus, I don't have to miss work (and she doesn't have to miss school) to get something that 's supposed to keep us from missing work and school.

I missed the deadline to turn in the form, but sent it in groggily the following day, which was still days ahead of the "clinic" at the school.

Evidently, I put my name in the student's name box on the form, or something. AJ said they called her Laura. I hope that my insurance doesn't really believe that "Laura" got vaccinated at school, because I'm due for my shot tomorrow!  (Besides this documentation on my desk, I just read this editorial which reminded me that flu usually kills more people than exotic diseases like ebola.)

To steal the company's phrase, be a health hero and get your flu vaccine today!


Anonymous said...

Yes,indeed, I would say you did that when you were half asleep! Wouldn't you think that they would be more careful about identities? Hope you don't have any trouble getting your shot. Good reference article!

Laura Gallitz said...

Yes, I got my shot today with no problem!